Poisonous Plants


SB 617 Poisonous Plants. General Works

Poisonous Plant Database

Poisonous Plants Database "...is a set of working files of scientific information about the animal and human toxiology of vascular plants of the world. The initial files, created in 1994, are bibliographic. A checklist of names of vascular plants reported to be toxic was added in 1995."
Upon accessing the site, the user will find general information : creator contact information, a site description, keywords, a site disclaimer, and specifications for user comments and additions. Below this area, an alphabetical index is provided to the database; references are listed alphabetically by author name. Selecting a letter category displays a section of the Poisonous Plant Toxicity Bibliography. Entries reflect both books and journal articles. Within a book entry, the following is found: (1) author (last, first initial); (2) year of publication; (3) title; and (4) publisher information (name and location). For journal articles, the following is found: (1) author (last, first initial); (2) year of publication; (3) title; (4) journal title; (5) volume and issue numbers; and (6) page numbers.
Also present within the main page is a link to the Checklist of Plants Reported to be Toxic, accessible through the "Plant Names" link. Here, users will find an alphabetical list of plant names, each noted with its taxonomic name. The site is maintained by D. Jesse Wagstaff; USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Select category from alpahbetical index; scroll to view entries. Or select "Plant Names" link to view poisonous plant taxonomic information.

SB617.45C2 Poisonous Plants. By Region or Country. Canada

Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System

The Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System "...provides details from literature references for over 250 plants that can poison livestock, pets, and humans in Canada. Its interactive search engine provides information on plant names, distribution, toxic plant parts, toxic chemicals, and symptoms of poisoning." The site is based on the Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System created by Derek B. Munro of the Crop Protection Program of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
The site's main page offers several major links. Within the "contents" section, links are provided to a site introduction, the capabilities and non-capabilities of the site, as well as illustrations and acknowledgements. The "Interactive database search" link opens a search page, from which users should select a general or list restricted search. For general list searches, users should select a plant from the provided table and an information type (from among the seven options). Results will display the following information on the plant: (1) general notes on poisoning; (2) nomenclature; (3) poisonous plant parts; (4) toxic chemicals; (5) distribution; and (6) animals poisoned. For restricted searches, users should select fields from the provided search page, then select a search specification to view final records.
Other major site links provide searches based on botanical or common names of poisonous plants. In either case, the user will find an alphabetical index displayed; selecting a letter allows the user to view the holdings of that category. Selecting a plant name then reveals its complete record, which matches the complete entry stated earlier. The final major link, "links to other WWW sites" on poisonous plants provides a listing of WWW sites; titles of sites are direct links to the WWW.
The site is copyrighted and maintained by Derek B. Munro of the Crop Protection Program, Research Branch; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Ottowa, Ontario.
To Search:
Select interactive database search link or poisonous plants sequence link; follow onscreen links to yield complete records.