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Guide to Garden Associations

Guide to Garden Associations is a division of the WWW site, GardenNet, "...the premier garden center on the Internet...." The site offers detailed information on garden associations within the United States.
Within the site's main page are two main links. "Associations Homepages Online" accesses an alphabetical list of American garden associations which have sites on the WWW. Each title is a direct link to its respective homepage. Also listed within this area are association brochures which are available on the Internet; titles are direct links to their respective texts.
The second major link," Guide to Garden Associations" opens an alphabetical list of association titles; also present in this area is a link to add entries to the associations listing. Users should scroll to view the listings and select a name to view its complete information page. Data noted within an association entry includes: (1) name of association; (2) business address; (3) phone number; (4) purpose of association; (5) date established; (6) number of members; (7) membership presently available; (8) dues; (9) membership benefits (inclusions); (10) typical member profile; (11) speaker's bureau existence; (12) slide program existence; (13) conventions/meetings existence; (14) education programs existence; (14) type of information available to the public; (15) other publications; (16) awards program information; (17) convention/meeting details; and (18) type of educational programs.
At the bottom of the main page are links to major site divisions of GardenNet: (1) homepage; (2) Ardent Gardener; (3) Flora's Best; (4) what's new; (5) magazines, books, and multimedia; (5) catalog center; (6) internet resources; (7) gardens on-line; (8) travel and events; (9) visitor's center; and (10) index. The site is maintained by Cheryl M. Trine.
To Search:
Select link of interest from main page; titles of homepages are direct links to the WWW. Selecting an association name produces complete entry.

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Garden Site Directory

The Garden Site Directory is a division of the WWW site,, an Internet information resource devoted to gardening. The directory is a compilation of information on gardening sites found on the WWW.
At the top of the site, the user will find links to major site divisions of "Plant Encyclopedia" details over 1,500 plants, offering information on growth habits, care, pests, and other subjects. "Ortho Problem Solver" diagnoses and treats over 700 different plant problems and offers a pest and disease guide. "Magazine Rack" access the WWW's best gardening publications; "yellow pages" allows users to find gardening spppliers and services in their area. "Software" details gardening and home-related interactive software. The remaining top links access the homepage and this present site.
To access the garden site directory, a user should enter data within query fields found in the main page. Here, a user can submit a keyword, select a subject (from a group of 12 links), or select a U.S. region (7 options) to activate the search. Results will then appeared, viewed by scrolling. Each site's entry offers: (1) name (which is link to WWW); (2) URL; and (3) description of contents and scope of site.
The site is sponsored by Books That Work, Inc.; Palo Alto, California.
To Search:
Fill in query fields; scroll to view site listings. Titles of sites are direct links to the WWW.

Plant Encyclopedia

The Plant Encyclopedia is a division of the WWW site,, the "...gateway to the best garden locales on the Web." At the top of the site are links to various areas within the latter site: the homepage; the Garden Site directory; the magazine rack; the yellow pages; a forum for questions; bookstore connections; and a software area. The encyclopedia is designed to offer two major search options, each of which reflects comprehensive information about the plants of interest.
A first search method seeks specific information on a particular plant. Users submit the plant's common mame or scientific name in the provided search field; a matching list of plants then results. Users select the plant of interest to view its full record, which includes, a description of the plant, growth habits, care of the plant, pest susceptibility, and other important concerns. The second search method allows users to see a list of plants which match their design needs and growing conditions. Here, users select criteria within fields for plant type, blooming season, flower color, sunlight availability, and zone (from the site map). The search will then produce a list of plants matching the specifications. Each plant's detailed record can be viewed, via onscreen links.
The site is sponsored by Books That Work: Visionary Home and Garden Software; Palo Alto, California.
To Search:
Select one of the two provided search methods; fill in provided fields. Select plant of interest from matching records to view full description.

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Improving Nutrition Through Home Gardening: A Training Package for Preparing Field Workers in Southeast Asia

Improving Nutrition Through Home Gardening: A Training Package for Preparing Field Workers in Southeast Asia is a publication of the Urban Agriculture Notes series, issued by City Farmer, a non-profit society that "...promotes urban food production and environmental conservation...." This training package " for the instruction of agricultural extension, home economics and community development agents working with households and communities in Southeast Asia to promote home gardening for better nutrition." The manual "...integrates food production and nutrition issues and provides a comprehensive set of materials within which extension workers may assist families in improving food production and adding nutritional value to their diets."
The publication's site features a brief introduction to the text -- its purpose, scope, and projected results. Below this area is the table of contents, detailing the manual's offerings. The text is divided into five sections: (1) "Introduction"; (2) "Course Materials and Technical Notes"; (3) "Information Sheets"; (4) "Home Garden Technology Leaflets"; and (5) "Annex." The second section features a day-by-day planning scheme for the text's users; topics addressed include: the role of the home garden; the importance of food supplies; practical nutrition for field workers; collecting data on nutrition problems; promoting the home garden; and a plan of action. The "Information Sheets" section offers checklists for: soil, water, weed and pest, as well as crop management, nutrition, and recipes.
Sixteen home-gardening related topics are offered in the technology leaflets; the "Annex" portion of the text contains an index of plant names and alternative crops. Exerpts from one of the technology leaflets is supplied within the site, for browsing and study. In addition, instructions for ordering the training package are provided within the site.
The training package and its site are copyrighted and maintained by City Farmer; a division of Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture; Vancouver, British Columbia; Canada.
To Search:
Browse through site contents to view training package introduction and topic offerings. Instructions provided for ordering copy of text.

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Guide to Gardens of the USA

Guide to Gardens of the USA is a division of the WWW site, GardenNet, "...the premier garden center on the Internet...." The site is a "...list of gardens open to the public in the USA. The Guide includes gardens of all sizes, of all types, in (almost) every state and gardens located on the grounds of historic buildings, on university campuses, in cemeteries, or associated with a nursery or farm."
Within the site's main page, the user will find general site information, as well as two major links. "Browse gardens by state" allows the user to select a state name from an alphabetical list to activate the search. Further selection comes in choosing a particular city to view listings; users can also scroll through a state's garden listings. "Browse gardens by type" offers users a list of garden types with 15 options. Selecting a type then reveals an alphabetical listing of all gardens within this category, each noted with city and state of location. Users should scroll to view this listing; selecting a garden name then reveals its complete entry within the site.
The complete entry for a garden features: (1) city of location; (2) official name of garden; (3) business address; (4) phone number; (5) description of garden; (6) type of garden; (7) date established; (8) size of garden; (9) average time to walk through the site; (10) dates closed; (11) best season; (12) garden focal points; (13) historic buildings present and description; and (14) wheelchair access presence.
At the bottom of the site's main page is a link to the homepage of GardenNet. The site is maintained by Cheryl M. Trine.
To Search:
Select link from main page; select state name or garden type. Then select garden title of interest or city ot view complete listing.