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Garden Association Center

Garden Association Center is a division of the WWW site, GardenNet, "...the premier garden center on the Internet...." The site offers detailed information on garden associations within the United States.
Within the site's main page are two main links. "Associations Homepages Online" accesses an alphabetical list of American garden associations which have sites on the WWW. Each title is a direct link to its respective homepage. Also listed within this area are association brochures which are available on the Internet; titles are direct links to their respective texts.
The second major link," Guide to Garden Associations" opens an alphabetical list of association titles; also present in this area is a link to add entries to the associations listing. Users should scroll to view the listings and select a name to view its complete information page. Data noted within an association entry includes: (1) name of association; (2) business address; (3) phone number; (4) purpose of association; (5) date established; (6) number of members; (7) membership presently available; (8) dues; (9) membership benefits (inclusions); (10) typical member profile; (11) speaker's bureau existence; (12) slide program existence; (13) conventions/meetings existence; (14) education programs existence; (14) type of information available to the public; (15) other publications; (16) awards program information; (17) convention/meeting details; and (18) type of educational programs.
At the bottom of the main page are links to major site divisions of GardenNet: (1) homepage; (2) Ardent Gardener; (3) Flora's Best; (4) what's new; (5) magazines, books, and multimedia; (5) catalog center; (6) internet resources; (7) gardens on-line; (8) travel and events; (9) visitor's center; and (10) index. The site is maintained by Cheryl M. Trine.
To Search:
Select link of interest from main page; titles of homepages are direct links to the WWW. Selecting an association name produces complete entry.