Farm Machinery & Engineering


S 673 Directories

International Directory of Agricultural Engineering Institutions

The International Directory of Agricultural Engineering Institutions is a directory that "...has been published by the Agricultural Engineering Branch (AGSE) of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, to promote information exchange among institutions around the world. The database includes more than 640 institutions from some 85 countries and is organized geographically."
Upon accessing the site, the user will find a Gopehr menu with three links. The first returns the user to the main FAO Gopher menu, a division of the FAOINFO database, designed to house textual infromation on food, agriculture, fishery, and forestry through the World Agricultural Information Center (WAICENT). Users will find all texts available in English, French, and Spanish. The second link offers background information on the directory, including instructions on ordering a PC version of the database for personal use. The third link activates the directory's search engine.
A list of provided search areas is displayed: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Users then select one of the regions; a second list of nations within the specified region appears. Selecting a nation of interest then reveals its directory listings. An alphabetical compilation appears; each title is the direct link to that institution's entry within the directory. Each record contains the following items: (1) name of institution; (2) director's name; (3) region and country; (4) business address; (5) phone, fax, and telex information; (6) activities of the institution; (7) research of the institution; and (8) faculty experience.
The directory is maintained by the Agricultural Engineering Branch (AGSE) of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); United Nations; New York, New York.
To Search:
Select "list of regions" from main menu; then select region of choice. Choose nation of interest and then select institution title to view directory's records of that item.

S 674.3 Agricultural Engineering Literature


The AE-INDEX, or Agricultural Engineering Index, is a service provided by the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering of the University of California, Davis. This site is an instructional menu for obtaining access to the index. The AE-INDEX is computerized and "...includes all technical articles appearing in ASAE [American Society of Agricultural Engineers] periodicals since 1950 -- along with searching software." The index cannot be viewed directly at this site, but must be downloaded by users onto computers which are only IBM-compatible.
The index's creators state:" This self-extracting compressed file includes streamlined MS-DOS-based searching software, and is intended for hard disk use only with an IBM-compatible computer. Also included are programs for using user-supplied dBASE-III software to manage and search the database." The site also includes instructions for obtaining the index program and for placing it on the hard disk. A section features the names of publications within the index, including ASAE periodicals, as well as Canadian, African, Latin American, German, Chinese, Japanese, and international agricultural engineering journals.
Those who wish to receive a prepared copy of the index are given instructions for sending a diskette. Directions for downloading the database system (via the Internet) are given, as well as instructions for searching (via the Internet) the expanded agricultural engineering database at UC Davis.
The index is maintained by the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of California, Davis.
To Search:
Follow site instructions for access and downloading. Index is accessible only through IBM-compatible computers.

Agricultural Engineering Database

The Agricultural Engineering Database is a division of the WWW site, AE-INDEX, sponsored by the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department of the University of California, Davis. The site is a Telnet application; in order to access the database, a user must first access the AE-INDEX site to obtain search instructions. It is recommended that a user download and copy the instructions prior to accessing this site.
The database provides access to all technical articles appearing in ASAE periodicals since 1950. Upon accessing the Telnet application, a user should type in "search" at the "username" command. Making a searching choice occurs next; select either "Agricultural Engineering publications" or "Faculty International Interest database." Users must next select a search method, a new or previous search path, and a long or short entry format. Short format offers only keywords, authors' names, location code, and no titles within an entry; long form entries offer all this information, as well as titles and ASAE paper numbers. Users should now enter search data (keyword, title, author, etc.).
The screen then allows a user to exclude certain search terms from expected results; likewise, a user can also restrict search results with keywords or terms. After selecting a results display method and sorting preference, a user can also have a glossary page added to the file. In all cases, scrolling present the results of a search. Full citations in the long entry form feature: (1) title of article; (2) subject area; (3) publisher name; (4) location of publisher; (5) author (initial, last name); and (6) ASAE paper number.
The site is sponsored by the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department; University of California, Davis.
To Search:
Obtain search instructions through AE-INDEX WWW site. Then follow screen commands to access database and obtain search results.