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S 661 Organic Fertilizers and Manures. Vegetable Fertilizers. Green Manuring

Green Manures and Cover Crops

Green Manures and Cover Crops, a member of the "Quick Bibliography Series of the National Agricultural Library," is intended "for current awareness, and as the title of the series implies..." is "not [an] indepth exhaustive" bibliography system of any subject. Citations are resources for recent research and bring the "literature of agriculture to the interested user...." Bibliographies are "derived from computerized on-line searches of the AGRICOLA data base. Timeliness of topic and evidence of extensive interest are the selection criteria." The site's creator "determines the purpose, length, and search strategy of the Quick Bibliography. Information regarding these is available upon request from the author/searcher."
Entries within the site include journal articles, books, and audiovisual materials. Specifications are given as to information provided within entries, to aid in searching. Instructions are also provided for requesting copies of bibliographies featured in the series.
The site is maintained by Jane Gates with the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center; the USDA National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, Maryland.
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S 661.5 Organic Fertilizers and Manures. Vegetable Fertilizers. Mulching

Mulch-based Agriculture Bibliographic Database

The Mulch-based Agriculture Bibliographic Database is a resource of the Department of Plant Pathology within Cornell University. The site allows for searches within its respective subject area, yielding records concerning research, experiments, and education, whether in a book or journal format.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find two major links. The first offers help in searching, using the database. Here, users will find explanations of the database's operation and and various search options. The second link accesses the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences within Cornell University, the sponsor of this site. Below these two links is the keyword field, where data is submitted to activate the database.
Resulting matches for searches are not alphabetized; a listing of matches will be displayed once the database completes its search. Users should then select a title of interest from the list to view its detailed record. Individual records reflect: (1) if the title denotes a book or a journal article; (2) the author's name (last name, initials); (3) the year of publication; (4) city and country of publication (for books); (5) name of publishers and publishing code number (for books); (6) number of pages; (7) keywords; and (8) abstract (summary) of the text. For citations representing articles, the following is shown: (1) denotation as a journal article; (2) author's name (last, initials); (3) year of publication; (4) journal name; (5) volume number; (6) page numbers; (7) keywords; and (8) notes on the text.
The site is sponsored by the Department of Plant Pathology; College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Cornell University; Ithaca, New York.
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Submit keyword into provided field; matching results will be displayed in list form. Select title of interest to view detailed record.