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S 623.A1 Soil Conservation and Protection

Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

The Journal of Soil and Water Conservation is the bimonthly publication of the Soil and Water Conservation Society, an "...association with nearly 10,000 natural resource management professionals, businesses, and subscribers in the U.S., Canada, and more than 70 other countries." The magazine serves " a forum to stimulate creative thinking, encourage investigation of evaluate new discuss and debate questions of philospohy and public policy, [and] to organize and summarize information on relevant topics...." Professionals in soil and water conservation, technical and research workers, planners, administrators, generalists, educators, environmentalists, conservation leaders, and others are the targetted audience.
The journal's main site page features six links of interest to users. The first, "current issue," opens to reveal the table of contents of the present issue. Users must select a title of interest from this listing to view that article's contents. "Upcoming issues" lists themes scheduled for the present calendar year, each stated in terms of its issue dates. "Previous issues" opens to show past cover images of the last three journal issues; selecting one of the cover images opens the table of contents for that respective issue.
Advertisers will find rate and guidelines information under the "ad rate information" link; contact information for the editor is also provided in this area. Specifications for writers and other contributors is detailed under the "submission guide" link; users can e-mail the publication's editor via the "editor" link, located at the bottom of the site's main page. A final WWW link is given to the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) homepage, found at the bottom of the site page.
The site is maintained by Sue Ballantine, Editor, The Journal of Soil and Water Conservation; sponsored by the Soil and Water Conservation Society; Ankeny, Iowa.
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