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Zobler World Soils Data Set

The Zobler World Soils Data Set is a site compiled from "...the FAO Soil Map of the World by L. Zobler....The major components of the data set are soil classification, soil texture, soil slope, and a file reconciling the differences between Matthew's Global Vegetation Data Set and FAO sources. The resolution fo the data is one degree latitude by one degree longitude."
Upon accessing the site, the user will find the site's table of contents. Topics displayed within the list include: (1) background; (2) extent of coverage; (3) acquisition: sources; (4) acquistion: processing steps; (5) data characteristics: spatial resolution; (6) data characteristics: temporal coverage; (7) data organization; (8) data availability: procedures for obtaining data; (9) data availability: products and services; (10) applications and related data sets; (11) references; and (12) appendices. Within the contents of the site, the user will find links to further subject information and to the Zobler World Soils Map. Users should scroll to view the site's contents or select a title from the table of contents to move directly to its portion of the site.
The site is sponsored by the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the NASA Climate Data System Data Center.
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Soil Glossary

The Soil Glossary is a division of the Programs in Forest Soils WWW site, a service of the College of Forest Resources of the University of Washington. Created by Robert B. Harrison, the site provides an alphabetical listing of terms related to soil, soil studies, and soil-related topics.
Upon accessing the glossary, the user will find contact information for the site's creator, including a business address, as well as phone and fax information. Underneath this area, the glossary's text begins. Terms are listed in alphabetical order, with each including a one to four sentence definition. Users should scroll to view the contents of the site.
The site is sponsored by the Programs of Forest Soils, the College of Forest Resources; the University of Washington; Seattle, Washington.
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