Agricultural Ecology (General)


S 589.7 Agricultural Ecology (General)

CAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystems Models

The CAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystem Models is a service of CAMASE, Concerted Action for the development and testing of quantitative Methods of research on Agricultural Systems and the Environment. The organization specializies in "...[d]evelopment and testing of quantitative methods for research on agricultural systems and the environment..." and seeks to share crop modelling information among European groups. The register is a compilation of European models used for education, research, and application in the agricultural field.
Links at the top of the site provide information on the register, register field definitions (terms found in the entries of models), a list of all models in the register, and search tips. When viewing all the register's models, users should select a title to view its individual record. Within the main section of the site's page are search fields: name, keyword, author, purpose (three subdivisions), program type (four subtopics), and subject (eight subtopics). After selecting the applicable fields, users will receive a listing of applicable models. Selecting a model name then reveals its complete record.
A model's entry contains: (1) name and model version; (2) title; (3) date of first profile; (4) date of last profile; (5) update; (6) program type; (7) purpose; (8) uses -- research, teaching, and applications; (9) new release expected; (10) subject; (11) aggregation level; (12) description; (13) scientific specification of simulation models; (14) technical specifications of simulation models; and (15) contact information (business address, phone, fax, and e-mail information). At the bottom of the site's main page are links to the site creators, to add a model to the register, and to the CAMASE homepage.
The site is maintained by CAMASE; The Netherlands.
To Search:
Fill in applicable search fields within main page; select model name from matching list of results. Scroll to view complete record.