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AgProfessional Directory

This directory allows the user to search among a field of 2800 entries for colleagues within professional areas of agriculture. The positions included are: agricultural consultants, farm managers, rural appraisers, and real property review appraisers.
Each record contains an individual's name (first, last), qualifications, and organization affiliation. Additional fields provide a mailing address, phone and fax numbers, as well as e-mail address, when available.
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Enter keyword; submit search. Advanced searches possible through specification of organization, primary qualifications, and/or state.

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Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook

This directory provides the table of contents to the Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook, a publication of the University of Arizona's Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Offering information to farmers who wish to enter the small business field, the handbook details specific topics and plans for agricultural promotion and operation on the local level.
Within the topic listings are concerns an agricultural entrepreneur must face when starting a small business: direct farm marketing options, starting and operating a farmers market, and boosting sales through local business connections. Assistance sources for small businesses are detailed, as well as market analysis and customer profiles. Advice on advertising and legal matters encompasses a portion of the of topic offerings. Production costs and information on agricultural direct marketing associations is noted for the user.
Features of this site allow the user to access WWW sites on agricultural direct marketing, the directory for the Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook, and the necessary steps to order a personal copy of the handbook described in this site. By choosing a topic offering from the table of contents, users immediately access that subject's information.
The site is maintained by the University of Arizona, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics; Tucson,Arizona.
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Browse through handbook's table of contents. Select subject of interest to view contents.

FarmMARKET: A Comprehensive Listing of Farmers Markets in the United States

FarmMARKET: A Comprehensive Listing of Farmers Markets in the United States is a division of Purdue University's NewCROP WWW site. Here, users can access the FarmMARKET INDEX, a nationwide listing of farmers markets within the fifty states.
Upon choosing to view the FarmINDEX, users will find nine possible regions from which to initiate their search. The areas are: (1) New England; (2) Middle Atlantic; (3) South Atlantic; (4) North Central; (5) East South Central; (6) West North Central; (7) West South Central; (8) Mountain; and (9) Pacific. Within each of these nine categories, a state listing is displayed. Users interested in markets found within Hawaii and Alaska also have a provided link to information. Users select the state of interest to view market listings.
Within a state's listings, cities are alphabeticized and feature information on their markets: the address of the market (including street, city, state, and zip code); a contact phone number; and a contact individual. Through the main menu and FarmINDEX pages, links are shown for the NewCROP homepage, the Purdue Horticulture Department, and to Open-Air Market Network, a series of sites devoted to farmers markets.
The site was compiled and is maintained by Kent Schuette, Adjunct Professor of Architecture; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select state of interest from regional listing. Browse through state listings to city of choice to view records.

Openair-Market Net: Farmer's Markets, Street Markets, Flea Markets and Street Vendors

Openair-Market Net: Farmer's Markets, Street Markets, Flea Markets, and Street Vendors is a world wide guide and "...educational project that aims to provide information about open air marketplaces around the world, both formal and informal. This will aid (1) shoppers and tourists wanting to find out where inexpensive fun, good food, and bargains are all over the globe; (2) scholars, professionals, and planners who are interested in studying marketplace phenomena; and (3) vendors and farmers looking for places to sell or needing assistance. Every open air market related resource on the Internet should be accessible from here. "
At the top of the site's main page are links to the homepages of the site's two creators, the Internet 1996 World's Fair WWW site, a welcome from a dean of Roosevelt University (the site's sponsoring institution), and a user comments area, where details can be left about favorite open-air markets. Below this area is the table of contents. Topics featured here include: (1) site FAQ; (2) urgent action needed area; (3) open-air markets on the WWW; (4) vendors in jeopardy area; (5) Open-Air Cyber Journal; (6) marketplace images; (7) street food, artists, performers, and festivals; (8) search engine for site; (9) tips for designing market WWW sites; (10) markets on the Gopher system; (11) popular WWW areas; (12) market listings, conferences, associations, and organizations; and (13) Usenet link access, e-mail groups, and assorted services. Users should refer to the site's main page for a comprehensive listing of the site's contents.
The "urgent action needed" area details steps to preserve the Maxwell Street area in Chicago and urges users to participate; the "open-air markets on the WWW link" offers over 100 WWW sites, arranged by geographical area. Titles here are links to the WWW. The "vendors in jeopardy" area details recent and ongoing problems for vendors around the world. The Open-Air Cyber Journal is a collection of reports, guides, essays, articles, book exerpts, and poems on open-air markets. Other areas listed in the table of contents feature listings of WWW sites, applicable to their subjects; all titles are direct links to their respective sites. To search the site, users should select the "search" link from the main page; a second link is then displayed, accessing the search engine. Users should enter a keyword into the provided field; resulting matches will display WWW links of interest.
The site is maintained by Steve balkin, Roosevelt University, Chicago,Illinois; and Alfonso Morales, the University of Arizona, Tucson.
To Search:
Select "search" link from table of contents. Then select search link for site from displayed page; enter keyword or concept into provided field. Resulting matches will be applicable WWW sites; titles are direct links to the WWW.