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Journal of Extension

The Journal of Extension (JOE) is available only online and is "...the peer reviewed publication of the Cooperative Extension System. It seeks to expand and update the research and knowledge base for Extension professionals and other adult educators to improve their effectiveness."
At the top of the site's main page are links for searching, accessing the journal's archive, accessing the author index, subscription information, and general data on the site. Below this area are seven major links; "current issue" offers the table of contents for the present issue and selecting a title then reveals its respective text. "Search of JOE archives" displays a keyword search page, with results being a listing of JOE articles. At the top of the results page, the number of matching documents is noted; these same texts are displayed in order of matching results. Within an article entry, the following is noted: (1) title; (2) issue date; (3) author(s); and (4) abstract of the text. An article's title is the direct link to viewing the complete text. Users should scroll to view the complete list of matching results.
"Back issues" offers a chronological listing of issues, beginning with the most recent. Selecting an issue title then opens its respective table of contents. "Author index" displays an alphabetical listing of all JOE authors; selecting a name then opens the author page, featuring: (1) author's name and position title; (2) affiliated organization, university, or agency; and (3) listing of applicable articles, noted with their issue numbers and release dates. "Subscribe" presents an e-mail subscription form; "information" discusses JOE projects, author submissions, and technical support. "Job listings" offers a state-based listing, from which users may select a region to view job postings. Finally, "State partners" links the user to the WWW site, State Partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service.
The site is sponsored by the Virginia Cooperative Extension; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech); Blacksburg, Virginia.
To Search:
Select link of interest from site's main page. Follow onscreen links to yield desired records or information.

QUERRI:A Multi-state Extension Materials Database

QUERRI: A Multi-State Extension Materials Database is a division of the Information Development for Extension Audiences (IDEA) WWW site, a site devoted to " entrepreneurial effort of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Services to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of developing, producing, and marketing educational products nationwide." QUERRI, Question on University Regional Resource Information, is an " database with bibliographic information on more than 15,000 educational resources produced by Extension specialists from 13 north central land-grant universities." These universities, in turn, make up the North Central Region Educational Materials Project (NCREMP). The participating schools are: (1) the University of Illinois; (2) Purdue; (3) Iowa State University; (4) Kansas State University; (5) Michigan State University; (6) The University of Minnesota; (7) the University of Missouri; (8) Lincoln University--MO; (9) the University of Nebraska; (10) North Dakota State University; (11) Ohio State University; (12) South Dakota State; and (13) the University of Wisconsin.
To search the QUERRI database, a user should select the "begin using QUERRI" link from the main page. A screen then displays the site's search options: (1) by keyword; (2) by title; (3) by author; and (4) by ID number. Selecting one of these methods then reveals a subtopics list, allowing for further search specification. Once a choice has been made, the query page then appears, providing a field for entering data. Resulting matches will not be displayed in alphabetical order; users must select a title of interest to view its bibliographic record. An individual entry contains: (1) the title of the text or video; (2) an abstract of the source; (3) ID number; (4) format (publication or audio-visual); (5) source of text or video; (6) year of publication or release; (7) number of pages; (8) author's name (last, first, middle initial); and (9) keywords in the text.
The site is spnsored by the North Central Region Educational Materials Project (NCREMP) Headquarters; Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa.
To Search:
Select search method and specification of search method. Resulting matches will be displayed; select title to view complete record.