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DrugDB is a database of drug information browsable by generic name or trade name. A summary profile of each includes the tradename/generic name, manufacturer, treatment class (e.g. cardiovascular), indication, as well as hotlinks to its MSB reviews, transgenica announcement and reviews. Selected entries also have links to threads in the archive and miscellanous data.
DrugDB is maintained by the Pharmaceutical Information Network (PharmInfoNet), and has links to several other PharmnInfoNet sites.
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Select Generic Name or Trade Name database ; select from A-Z index; browse entries.
Contributed by:
Anthony I. Ames

RS 141.2 Pharmacopoeias. By Region or Country. United States (General)

Drug List

Drug List is a division of the online course materials "Geriatric Education," a course taught by Dr. Richard Rathe, M.D., within the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. The site is an alphabetical directory of information concerning medications particularly described to elderly (geriatric) patients as part of the case studies involved in the course.
Users should scroll to view site contents; within a given entry, the user will find: (1) common name of drug; (2) chemical name for medication; (3) description of the medication (general category of medication, possible reasons for prescription, usual dosage, special circumstances, and anticipated side effects). Within some entries, links are provided to other list entries for further information.
In addition to medication information, the site offers links to the homepage of the Office of Medical Informatics, to the Geriatric Medical Information area, and to e-mail the site's creator.
The site is sponsored by Dr. Richard Rathe, M.D., and the Office of Informatics; College of Medicine; University of Florida, Gainesville.
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Scroll to view site contents.

RS 164 Pharmacognosy. Pharmaceutical Susbtances (Plant, Animal, and Inorganic). Vegetable Substances. Medicinal Herbs. Plant Drugs. General Works


MPNADB is the acronym for the Medicinal Plants of Native America Database, a resource "...based on a two-volume book of the same name published in 1986...[T]he database contains 17,634 items representing the medicinal uses of 2,147 species from 760 genera and 142 families by 123 different native American groups...." The site serves as the class-level query page for the database, which is a resource of the USDA National Agricultural Library.
General site information concerning the index and its history is found under the "MPNADB" link at the top of the site; the AGIS index is accessed via its icon at the top of the site. Within the main page are the query fields. A user can select a search focus from the first field (author, common name, family, genus, specific use, taxon, tribe, or use), and then select the second field to browse the database. A list of applicable plants is then provided; selecting a plant then produces the final entry for a class-level search: (1) family; (2) genus; (3) species; (4) common name(s) of class members; and (5) specific uses for each member. Selecting a use method then reveals a full description of that information. Within a plant's final entry, most entry subsets are direct links to additional information.
Within a main page query, users can also select: (1) query by example; (2) query builder; (3) ACEDB query language; and (4) table maker. In all cases, a user should follow screen links to desired information. The database was created and is maintained by Daniel E. Moerman and Stephen M. Beckstrom-Sternberg; the USDA National Agricultural Library; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Select search method from site's main page; selecting plant name from results list produces class-level information page. Links provided there to further information on specific uses.

Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases is a directory to various searches within the USDA's Agricultural Research Service division and offers access to plant databases outside of the site. A warning link, found at the top of the site, notes that the site's compilers and the USDA are not liable for errors or omissions found in database listings accessed from the site. Users will find the site divided into four major areas: (1) specific queries of the Phytochemco Database; (2) browsable databases; (3) documents; and (4) the additional resources area.
Searches of the Phytochemco database are divided into five areas. Within each, the user can access a specified search method. Plant searches can be limited by: (1) chemical activities of a plant; (2) high concentration chemicals; (3) chemicals with one activity; (4) ethnobotanical uses; and (5) GRIN accessions. Chemical searches can specify a chosen chemical in a plant or a chosen chemical in an activity. Activity searches will locate specific activity within a plant, chemicals within an activity, and chemicals with a lethal dose value (LD). Ethnobotany searches will reveal ethnobotanical uses for a plant or plants with a particular ethnobotanical use. Database references will yield reference citations. In all cases, once the user has selected the search method, the required fields must be filled in a given query page. A provided range of results is given, from which the plant of interest is chosen. The final record contains links to further information.
Five databases are accessible in the "browsable databases" area. They are; (1) Ecosys (plant ecological ranges); (2) Ethnobot DB (worldwide plant uses); (3) Foodplant DB (Native American food plants); (4) MPNADB (medicinal plants of Native America); and (5) Phytochem DB (plant chemicals). The site's "documents" areaa offers access to an ethnobotanical dictionary and mini-courses in the field. Links to other databases, the Rainforest Action Network, and a comments area are provided at the bottom of the site.
The site is sponsored by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS); USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
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Select link of interest from site's main page; follow onscreen links to view desired records.

RS356 Pharmaceutical Supplies. Commercial publications

Millipore Products and Services

Millipore Products and Services is an electronic catalog of Millipore Purification Technologies products. These include membrane products for biological and enviropnmental testing, purification fluids for microelectronics manufacturing, and pharmaceutical membranes and filters.
Three separate catalog databases devoted to analytical products, pharmaceuticals, or microelectronics, are available.
Millipore Products and Services is maintained by Millipore Purification Technologies, Bedford, MA.
To Search:
Any catalog may be keyword searched from the main page, or from within an individual catalog's page.
Contributed by:
Anthony I. Ames