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RL41 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Electronic Textbook of Dermatology

This site is a comprehensive service covering a variety of topics in dermatology. A table format is used to organize access to profiles or essays on common dermatological conditions (e.g. acne and cysts, contact dermatitis, sun damage and prevention, etc.). Hotlinks within each provide access to specific subjects as well as to illustrative micrographs or line drawings.
The Electronic Textbook of Dermatology is maintained by the Internet Dermatology Society under the editorship of Rhett Drugge, M.D., Stamford , CT.
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In addition to browsing through selected subject categories, a searchable index for the entire site has also been provided. Searching hints and examples are also available.

RL 242 Diseases Associtaed with Hypersensitivity . Allergic Diseases of the Skin

BoDD - Botanical Dermatology Database

The BoDD - Botanical Dermatology Database is the online version of the text Botanical Dermatology by J. Mitchell and A. Rook. The site, which previously restricted access, is now open to all users. Here, users can view indexes, text, and image files. Material within the site consists currently of HTML files with few or no links; eventually, the site will feature cross-referencing, chemical structure images, photos of plants, and links to related WWW resources. Users should note thast the site is current under construction, and the content of searches may vary greatly.
Within the site's main page are links to view information on the site's history and future plans, its searching and downloading capabilties, as well as search links and a contact link to the site's creator. Main links within the site include: (1) the plant families index (providing access to the complete database); (2) the main index; and (3) the BoDD search engine. For the first option, users will find an alphabetical index; selecting a letter then moves to that category within the index. Within a letter group, plants are listed alphabetically; selecting a plant name then reveals its complete record: location and type of all species; uses of plant; references on dermatological effects and uses; and individual species entries, offering dermatological effects and noted references. The main index offers plant names, plant products, and dermatological indexes. Users should select an area of interest and then a subtopic for searching. Following screen links then reveals the complete record, noted previously. The BoDD search engine operates through a keyword field; the query page has provided search instructions for users.
The site is sponsored by Richard J. Schmidt; the Welsh School of Pharmacy; the University of Wales; Cardiff, UK.
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Select major link of interest from site's main page. Follow screen links to view complete records.