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Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy is a division of the Merck Manual, "...the most widely used medical text in the world...," sponsored by Merck and Company, a leading "...research-driven pharmaceutical products and services company." The publication focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
On the left side of the main page are links to major division of the Merck WWW site: (1) home; (2) site map; (3) news; (4) products; (5) disease infopark; (6) publications; (7) research; (8) about us; (9) topics for healthcare professionals; and (10) in your country. To the right of these links are access points for the sixteenth edition of the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy.
Users can search the publication via a keyword field; a citation is provided for the manual, as well as a list of editors. Links are given to MSD Japan and a Japanese version of the text. Users can register for future manual information and access the homepage of Keyboard Publishing, whose software operates this site. Contact information is given for ordering print copies of the manual; a link is provided to an e-mail ordering form for interested users. To search the manual, a user can enter a topic within the query field or select the "continue" link found on the main page.
If a specified topic is given to the database, the user should simply scroll to view manual contents on the subject. If the user chose the "continue" link, he or she will find the manual's table of contents, offering 23 major sections, as well as appendices and other materials. Selecting a manual division then reveals its contents, containing both text and tables. Users should scroll to view contents. The site is sponsored by Merck and Company; Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.
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