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Indonesian Folk Medicine

Indonesian Folk Medicine is an ethnobotanical index which "embraces both the medicinal plants of the forests and the plants of the clearings..." and is part of the plant genome databases of the National Genetic Resource Programs of the USDA. Developed to help target renewable products, particularly medicinal plants which would add to the known value of Indonesia's rain forests, the index contains at least 100,000 entries, linking medical and folkloric properties.
Upon accessing the site, the userwill find a Gopher menu with two topics: an introduction ot the site and the site's search engine. Under the first topic, the user will find informtation on the intent of the index, its emphasis to equate common names with scientific taxonomy, as well as its designation for economic botanists. Records within the index contain: (1) the plant's scientific name (and the name's author, if available); (2) the plant's common name; (3) use of the plant; (4) geographic or ethnic locality; and (5) source of information. The search engine for the site is activated through a keyword field; users will then be able to view matching entries, featuring the items mentioned previously.
The index was created by Jim Duke and is maintained by the National Genetic Resource Program; United States Department of Agriculture; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Select search engnine from site's main page; submit keyword to activate index and view matching entries.