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Alternative Medical Courses Taught at U.S. Medical Schools

Alternative Medical Courses Taught at U.S. Medical Schools is a directory provided by the Rosenthal Center of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and its homepage on the WWW, CPMCnet. Users are given alphabetically organized listings of the schools and institutions who offer alternative medical knowledge.
Of importance to the site is a disclaimer, provided by the Rosenthal Center: "The information and resource listings on this site are not intended to be fully systematic or complete, nor does inclusion here imply any endorsement or recommendation by Columbia University...." In addition, "The information and resource listings on this site are by definition outside the scope of generally accepted medical standards of care. They are nonconventional, alternative, or complementary. For some of the treatments there may be scientific evidence for therapeutic efficacy while in other instances there is as yet limited or no research data." Users should not, in any way, allow the listings to "provide diagnoses or to prescribe any medical treatment.... [I]ndiscriminate use of some of these therapies without medical supervision may be harmful to your health." All users are urged to consult their personal physicians for primary diagnosis of medical conditions and for recommended treatment.
Users simply browse through the site, viewing the listing of alternative courses and their locations. Each record provides: the name of the medical school or institution; the name of the course; name of course instructor or contact physician; and the location of the medical school, including a business address, as well as phone and fax number. All of the listings can be seen in the publication, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
The site is maintained by the Rosenthal Center, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; Columbia University.
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Multimedia Medical Reference Library: Schools

This site is an alphabetical collection of the homepages of selected American and Canadian medical schools.
Access is also provided to selected services of the Multimedia Medical Reference Library (MMRL), a comprehensive service covering many aspects of medicine and the medical profession (e.g. medical curriculum, medical software, hospitals, etc.)
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