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R 10 Medical Societies

Federation Directory: A Compendium of Medical Society Information

Federation Directory: A Compendium of Medical Society Information is a compilation of data on national AMA officers and trustees, as well as information concerning state, county, and national AMA medical societies. The site is sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA), "...the voice of the American Medical Profession....the partnership of physicians and their professional associations dedicated to promoting the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health."
The main page offers seven links of interest. "AMA Officers and Trustees" displays contact information for these individuals; users should scroll to view contents. Each officer or trustee is noted with a business address, phone, and fax data. "State and County Medical Societies" allows a user to select a state from an index; first listed within the results is the state AMA office, with contact information. Following this entry are county AMA offices and societies, each noted with: (1) society name; (2) contact individual; (3) business address; (4) phone, fax, and e-mail information; and (5) approximate number of members. "AMA Staff" offers a query field; users should enter a last name and scroll to view results. Here, users will also find AMA staff listed by organizational unit; listings are viewed by scrolling, each individual noted with contact information.
"Update Medical Society Information" produces a list of society types; once a type is chosen, users can then fill in a provided form to adjust directory information. "Federation Directory Evaluation" allows users to evaluate the site's contents through an electronic form. Lastly, "Main AMA homepage" accesses the WWW site of the AMA.
The site is sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA); Chicago, Illinois.
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Select link from main page; scroll to view listings.

R 118.6 Medical Literature


MEDLINE is a database and information division of HealthGate, an online source for "health, wellness, and biomedical information...," whose objective is to "...facillitate improvements in patient care, biomedical research, and education by to make information access and coverage both thorough and easy, while maintaining the highest standards of academic and scientific integrity."
Within this database index page, the user will note that it is divided into two frames. On the left are links to HealthGate site divisions -- the homepage, front desk, information center, MedGate, HealthyLiving, HealthyEating, HealthyKids, HealthySexuality, and HealthyWoman. Also present are links to the Medicine division, Drug information area, and Patient education area. The site's right frame displays a link for the latest medical news and database selections. Users may choose from: (1) AIDSDRUGS; (2) AIDSLINE; (3) AIDSTRIALS; (4) BIOETHICSLINE; (5) CANCERLIT; (5) HealthSTAR; and (6) MEDLINE. Each database title provides access to its own index page . Within the query page of this site, users will also find a keyword search field and means of specifying result formats. At the bottom of the right frame are links for advanced searching, basic search help, and search results help.
After selecting a database and inserting a choice into the keyword field, a list of matching results, medical journal articles, is produced. For each noted article, the following is displayed: (1) author(s); (2) title; (3) journal title; (4) publication year; and (5) notation of availability of abstract. Selecting the entry of choice reveals its complete record within the database: (1) title; (2) author(s); (3) business address of author(s); (4) source information (journal title, volume/issue numbers, page numbers, publication year); (5) abstract of the text; (6) language of publication; (7) unique identifier code; (8) MeSH heading (major); (9) MeSH heading; (10) publication type (article, etc.); (11) ISBN; and (12) CAS Registry/EC number. A link is present at the top of the complete entry page for ordering a copy of the article.
The site is sponsored by HealthGate; Malden, Massachusetts.
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Select database and fill in keyword field. Scroll to view matching articles. Selecting article entry reveals complete record.

R 123 Medicine. Nomenclature, Terminology, Abbreviations

Acronym Glossary

Acronym Glossary is a reverse acronym search engine for the Explain WWW site, sponsored by the Center for Health Informatics (CHI), "... a research institute within the Department of Information and Library Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth." The Center focuses its efforts in the fields of rural healthcare and Telemedicine. The site is designed to locate acronyms for submitted search data.
Within the site's main page is a keyword search field, along with search instructions. Likewise, links are provided to various divisions of the Explain WWW site. "Front page" produces the CHI homepage; "search" offers the main search page for CHI, featuring a keyword search field. "Directory" reveals a list of CHI members, each noted with professional title and e-mail address, which serves as a direct link. The CHI icon in the upper right corner also reveals the CHI homepage.
Users should enter a keyword into the search field; results will be an alphabetical list of acronyms which feature the search term. Users should scroll to view this listing; each acronym is noted with its full translation. At the bottom of the results list are links to specialized databases for more searching. Users should note that all searches are limited to 50 matches. The site is sponsored by the Center for Health Informatics; University of Wales, Aberystwyth.
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Submit information to search field; scroll to view matching results page.

R 125 Encylopedias

Medical Matrix: Ranked, Peer-Reviewed, Annotated, Updated, Clinical Medicine Resources

"Medical Matrix offers annotated pointers to a hierarchial, comprehensive database of global resouces that can assist in patient care. This Internet medical resource list is offerred in hard copy, as an online text document, and as an Internet hypertext, hyperlinked database ..."
The site provides comprehensive access to a wide range of medical topics, including:
  • Disease Categorized Information
  • Specialty Categorized Information
  • Clinical Practice Issues
  • Medical Education/CME
  • Medical Literature & Decicion Support
  • Medical Electronic Journals and Newsletters
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Medical Centers, Institutions & Healthworkers
  • Medical Software Databanks
  • Telemedicine, Imaging, and Computing
  • Employment Web Resources
  • Healthcare Management Resources
  • Patient Education and Support
  • Medical Internet Resource Guides
  • Biomedical Industry
  • Marketplace
Medical Matrix is a project of the American Medical Informatics Association's Internet Working Group. All information accessible within Medical Matrix was selected for inclusion by a panel of medical professionals.
Medical Matrix is hosted and maintained by SLACK Incorporated.
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The entire site may be keyword searched using Boolean operators, or search by category.
Contributed by:
Anthony I. Ames