Human and Comparative Histology

(QM:550 - 577.8)

QM557 Pictorial Works and Atlases

NUS Histonet: WWW Electronic Guide to Histology for Medicine and Dentistry

NUS Histonet is "an electronic World Wide Web database for histology slides. It includes light and electron micrographs of tissues and sections for the learning of histology in medicine and dentistry." Selected micrographs are provided for organs, body systems or tissue types, and include, among others: Micrographs are described and often annotated.
The HISTONET histology database is a contribution to computer-aided instruction in histology developed by Associate Professor P.Gopalkrishnakone, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS). NUS Histonet is maintained by staff at the university.
Electron micrographs found in this databases have been provided by Professor E.A. Ling and Mr Yick of NUS.
"No part or whole of this database may be used in any retrievable form, electronic or otherwise, or in any publication, without the written permission of the copyright owner." "All users are requested to register with Prof Gopalakrishnakone at"
To Search:
From within a selected group, select tissue or section. Select from available light micrographs or scanning electron micrographs.