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Anatomy of the Human Body

Anatomy of the Human Body is a scientific exhibit on cancer and anatomy, a multimedia learning exhibit about disease and anatomy sponsored by the Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. Here, users will find detailed information on anatomical effects of disease, via a human body diagram.
The site's main page offers links to the Levitt Institute, both Radiological and Pathological units. Access is also given to Anderson Cancer Center multimedia learning sites via the CD icon. Major center links provided in this area include: (1) help; (2) contacts; (3) suggestions; (4) bugs; and (5) home. Within the site's main page is a human figure diagram with certain noted areas: (1) brain; (2) elbow; (3) arm; (4) hand; (5) knee; and (6) foot. Only these areas are open for searching within the site.
After selecting one of these noted areas from the diagram, the user will find an information page on the selected area. At the top of this page, links noted within the main page (top) are found, as is a miniaturized version of the diagram. A description of images is provided, with a link to the physician who compiled the data. A link is also given to an ftp directory of the results page. Scrolling through this area, the user will encounter dissections of the selected body area, each in full-color and providing a link to view an enlarged version of the image.
The site is sponsored by the Anderson Cancer Center; University of Texas; Houston, Texas.
To Search:
Select region from human figure diagram; scroll to view results page. Links provided to enlarged images of dissections.