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Bird Families of the World: The Sibley and Monroe Classification

Bird Families of the World: The Sibley and Monroe Classification is a division of the WWW site, Birding on the Web, which offers digests and archives of all e-mail lists related to birds, bird images, bird information and answers to common questions, as well as transcriptions of RBA's. The classification site provides users with taxonomic information, as well as classification data.
The site's main page is divided into two frames; the left frame displays a listing of 146 bird families, each noted with its taxonomic name, classification number, and common names of its members. Selecting a family name then reveals the complete records, seen in the right frame. Within a family's listings, the following are noted for each bird species: (1) classification number; (2) taxonomic name; and (3) common name of the bird. Users should scroll to view listings.
The site is maintained by Jack Siler of the Department of Statistics; Wharton School; the University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia.
To Search:
Select bird family with left frame listings; complete records then displayed in right frame.