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Fishbase WWW

Fishbase WWW is an "...information system with key data on the biology of all important fishes...[It contains] the largest existing compilation of population dynamics data...[and] of fish morphology, metabolism, gill area, vision, [and] swimming speed...." The database also features information on "...genetic traits and culture experiments..." as well as "...50,000 common names of fishes together with the language/culture in which they are used and comments on their etymology." Other features include: lists of endangered species, country-based lists of fish policies, research data, food consumption and diet composition data, information on prey and predators, proximate analysis and processing recommendations for marine species, and listings of game fishes occurring in a particular country.
Displayed on the site's main page are eight images which are electronic links to the database's branches, search engines, and services: (1) taxonomy; (2) name; (3) occurrence; (4) reference; (5) glossary; (6) pictures; (7) information; and (8) Species 2000. The first category, "taxonomy," is linked to a taxonomic table, where classes and orders are displayed. Classes open for study include those of: hagfishes, lampreys, chimaeras, sharks and rays, lobe-finned fishes, and ray-finned fishes. Orders are shown for each class, with individual examples and their common names. The names, in turn, are links to the full record, revealing: family name; common name; order and class; a detailed description; and an image or photograph of the fish. In a similar vein, the "name" link offers searching based on the genus name or common name of a given species. Users need only to fill in provided keyword fields to activate the search. The "occurrence" link offers searching based on its title -- the prevalence of a species in a given area. Once again, searching occurs through the genus or family name, typed into provided fields.
The "reference" link enables the user to submit a genus name and to find that subject's appearance in related sources and reference materials. The "glossary" opens a 1,000 word index, featuring terms on ichthyology and related scientific fields; the word of inquiry is submitted in a keyword field. Viewing photographs and pictures of fish occurs through the "pictures" link; here, 3,500 still images are accessible through a browse or searching link. The general information area offers the site's history, its scope, details on its sponsors, and a preface. The "Species 2000" link directly moves to this respective WWW site, the sponsor for Fishbase.
The site was developed and is maintained by the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
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