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QL 462 Insects. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources

The Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources "...is an attempt to organize the hundreds of informational resources available to entomologists....The intent of this site is to maintain a collaborative database of useful sites and organize them in a usable manner. In this way, the site serves as a 'jumping-off point' for all entomology sites."
Upon accessing the site, the user will find links to the site's creators, to further information on the site (detailing its scope and contents), and to searching help information. Below this area is a keyword field which searches the Entomology Index of Internet Resources at Iowa State University. The main section of the page offers links to: (1) new additions area; (2) the entire list of resources; (3) the random link jump option; and (4) adding a resource to the index. Also featured within the main page are 26 topic categories, open for viewing.
Users should select a topic from the site's main page; an alphabetical list of applicable WWW resources is then displayed. Each site is noted with its title, a description of the site, and the name of the site's sponsor or server. Titles of sites are direct access links to the WWW. Users wishing to view the entire resource list need to note the size of the document before attempting to view the contents; the random link jump offers the option of browsing the WWW through a random selection made by the index.
The site is maintained by John VanDyk; Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa.
To Search:
Select link of interest from main page and follow onscreen links. Or select topic from main page and then choose resource to access WWW.

Online Insect Database

The Online Insect Database is an information service of the Department of Entomology of the University of Delaware. The site offers detailed information on insects, accessible through a listing of taxonomic orders displayed in the site's main page.
Within the site's main page are links to the Entomology Hub at Colorado State University and to information on the site's sponsors. The featured area is the listing of insect orders, offering: (1) Collembola; (2) Dermaptera; (3) Diptera; (4) Ephemeroptera; (5) Hemiptera; (6) Homoptera; (7) Hymenoptera; (8) Isoptera; (9) Lepidoptera; (10) Manotodea; (11) Neuroptera; (12) Odonata; (13) Orthoptera; (14) Phasmida; (15) Siphonaptera; (16) Thysanura; (17) Tricoptera; and (18) Mecoptera.
Selecting an order from this listing then reveals its information page, containing : (1) meaning of order name; (2) pronunciation of order name; (3) common names of order members; (4) mouthparts information; (5) wings (description of); (6) metamorphosis information; (7) body characteristics; (8) where located (habits); (9) economic impact; (10) size of order (number of members); and (11) references for data. Each information page features a full-color image of one its order members.
The site is maintained by the Department of Entomology and Applied Ecology, College of Agricultural Sciences, and the Department of Food and resource Economics; the University of Delaware.
To Search:
Select order from main page listings; scroll through information page.

QL 466 Insects. Pictorial Works and Atlases

Images of Insects and their Relatives

Images of Insects and their Relatives is a "Pictures" resource of the WWW homepage of the Entomology Department of Colorado State University and its CSU Gilette Entomology Club. The site is a directory to the club's copyrighted insect photos, as well as a directory to insect images available at other WWW servers.
The top of the site offers links to the CSU Entomology Department WWW site: (1) homepage; (2) WWW sites; (3) meetings; (4) jobs; (5) publications; (6) images; (7) movies; and (8) universities. A link is also given to view an image of the Colorado Hairstreak, the state's official butterfly. The site's main page features general site information, a link to view data on CSU insect slides, and 14 links to sample insect photographs which may not be downloaded or replicated.
Access is also given to other entomology servers with insect images: (1) the Smithsonian Institution's insect images (via an ftp site); (2) Smithsonian images (14 options); (3) the Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher at Cornell University; (4) Cornell insect images (5 options); (5) the Entomology Server at Iowa State University; and (6) ISU insect images (3 options). At the bottom of the site is a compilation of information on insect images with access points to noted servers and images.
The site is sponsored by the Entomology Department of Colorado State University; Fort Collins, Colorado.
To Search:
Select link of interest from site's main page; scroll to view images.