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QL 9 Dictionaries

Glossary of Nomenclatural Terms Used in Zoology

This glossary is based on a text to aid indexers in the production of nomenclature entries for the Zoological Record.
Created and maintained by the Special Projects Department, BIOSIS UK.
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Select Part 1 (A-L) or Part 2 (M-Z); scan alphabetical listing for term(s). A one or two sentence definition, or cross- reference, will be provided.

QL 35 Directories

Zoological E-mail Directory

"This directory is an attempt to provide individuals who work with animals a means of locating colleagues on the Internet. The following people are included:
Zoo and aquarium employees, administrators of animal-related associations and societies wildlife rehabilitators, educators in animal-related studies, and those doing animal-related research, and who are associated with one of the following: a zoo or aquarium, an animal-realted association or society, a university, academy, or college."
Each record contains, an individual's name (last, first), middle initial, when known, professional degree(s), when known, title and/or position, institutional or organizational affiliation, and a listing of animals with which the individual has worked (general and/or specific groups, e.g. Mammals, Marsupial; some records contain more specific information, e.g. common and/or scientific name(s) (e.g. Artiodactyls, Cervus)). A 'Notes' field provides additional information, e.g. a personal statement, full position and mailing address, professional activities, etc.
An individual's full e-mail address completes the record, along with a record update date. Each record is assigned to a broad organizational category, 'Zoo/Aquarium' or 'School/Research/Rehab', indicated in the upper left-hand corner of each record.
In addition to a free-text search form, a complete alphabetical listing by individual last name is also accessible.
Site created and maintained by Terry Polk, Programmer/Technician, Indianapolis Zoo.
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Enter name (or term/phrase); submit. Search by free-text term, e.g personal name, organization, general/specific or common/scientific animal name, etc.

QL 45.2 Zoology. General Works and Treatises. 1970 -

Electronic Zoo

Created in 1993, the Electronic Zoo is a clearinghouse for information on animals available through the Internet. Its companion site, the NetVet, features veterinary resources for Internet users. Through a table of contents, users have access to myriad forms of information and information sites.
Topics within the table of contents feature the following: general information on the site (as well as new data); search tools; animals; veterinary; publications; organizations; newsgroups and mailing lists; telnet and FTP sites; Gopher sites; WWW picks; and a Washington University link. Upon choosing the "Search Tools" category, the user will find onscreen links for both NetVet and the Electronic Zoo searching mechanisms. Alphabetical listings of other WWW links are present, as is a comprehensive listing of other major WWW search engines, all of which can be activated with a keyword. Minor search engines provide the final grouping under this category, providing the user with innumerable avenues of information retrieval.
When searching within the Electronic Zoo, users are asked to provide a subject or keyword, as well as information for the noted fields. Within various categories found on the table of contents, users are asked to follow onscreen links to retrieve information on their subject(s).
Both the Electronic Zoo and NetVet were created and are maintained by Dr. Ken Boschert, DVM; Associate Director of the Division of Comparative Medicine; Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.
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Choose category of interest from main menu selections. Follow onscreen listings to select search within site or to pursue search with external WWW search engines.

QL 76 Zoological Gardens. General Works

ZooNet(tm) Index - International: Alphabetical Listing of Zoos by Country

An alphabetical directory of international zoos listed within an country-by-country directory. The directory includes zoos without homepages.
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Browse Country listing and select available sites, or select from A-Z directory.

QL 76.5.U6 Zoological Gardens. United States

ZooNet(tm) Index - USA: Alphabetical Listing of US Zoos by State

An alphabetical directory of zoos of the United States listed within an alphabetically state-by-state directory. The directory includes zoos without homepages.
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Browse State listing and select available sites, or select from A-Z directory.