Plant Ecology

(QK: 900 - 989)

QK 917 Insectivorous Plants. Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plant Database

Carnivorous Plants Database "...includes over 3000 entries giving an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all Carnivorous Plants."
At the top of the site, users can access the last site update and the ICPS upcoming international conference agenda. Within the main page, the user will find general site information and a keyword search field. Likewise, links are provided to: (1) nomenclature synopsis; (2) Carnivorous Plants; (3) search patterns (which offers search samples); (4) software (for the database operation); (5) database entry format (featuring a description of abbreviations found in entries); and (6) a text-based interface. A user should submit data to the search field and then scroll to view matching results page of data.
A plant's entry will feature many matching fields; users should consult the "database entry format" link for an explanation of field abbreviations. Within a given entry, a variety of the following fields will be found. Users should note that results will vary widely among entries. Noted data includes: (1) family; (2) genus; (3) name; (4) publication; (5) status; (6) breeder; (7) distribution locations; (8) comment field (notes); (9) holotype; (10) basionym; (11) lectotype; (12) neotype; (13) isotype; (14) paratype; (15) phototype; (16) somatic chromosome number; (17) chromosome number publication; (18) hybrid sign; (19) valid name; (20) uncertainty; (21) pro parte; (22) Specimen deletum; (23) in sched (on labels); (24) nom dub (nomen dubium); (25) nom illeg (nomen illegitimum); (26) nom nud (nomen nudum); and (27) sphalm. typogr. (misprint).
At the bottom of the site's main page are links to: (1) plant photos; (2) plant slide shows; (3) CP FAQ's; (4) discussion group; (5) CP societies; (6) Plant Trading post; and (7) other CP pages. The site is sponsored by Rick Walker; HP Labs; Palo Alto, California.
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