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Lichenologists' and Mycologists' E-mail Address List

Lichenologists' and Mycologists' E-Mail Address List is a division of the LIAS homepage, devoted to LIchenized and lichicolous AScomycetes (LIAS), and existing as a data storage system and reference tool for those in the fields of lichenology and mycology.
At the top of the site are various access points for LIAS: (1) discussion groups; (2) additions and changes (to this site); (3) list information; (4) the LIAS homepage; and (5) the LIAS Newsletter. Also present at the top of the site is an alphabetical index.
Users should select a letter catgeory from the index; after scrolling past a replication of the site's opening page, the user will find matching entries. In the left column is an alphabetical compilation of scientist names with the right column reflecting e-mail addresses. All information shown within the right column is an active link to a participant's WWW e-mail location.
The site is sponsored by the Botanische Staatssamlung Munchen; Munich, Germany.
To Search:
Select letter category from index; scroll to view matching entries. All noted e-mail addresses are active links to the WWW.

QK 600.44 Fungi. Biography. Collective

Mushroomers Online

Mushroomers Online is an "...annotated directory of mycophiles (mushroom enthusiasts) with access to the Internet."
At the top of the site, the user will find a link to register with the directory; listings are compiled via an electronic form. Also provided is an article on recent death cap mushroom poisonings. Within the main site area, general information is given, as well as a link to access the directory. Users should select this link and then select a region of interest from the provided list of nations and states. Within a given location's listings, users will find each mycophile's entry offers: (1) name and location; (2) e-mail address; (3) interests; (4) knowledge level; (5) comments area; and (6) "links" icon. The e-mail address is an active link; the "links" icon returns the user to the main geographical listings for further searches.
At the bottom of the site is a list of links of interest to mycophiles; titles are direct access points for the WWW. Noted here also are the four WWW page of the site's creator. The site is maintained by Dave Fischer; Fischer Electronic Publishing Services; Syracuse, New York.
To Search:
Select directory access link within main page; select geographical region. Scroll to view entries.

Mycologists' Online: E-Mail Directory of Mycologists and Lichenologists

Mycologists' Online: E-Mail Directory of Mycologists and Lichenologists is a "...running list of mycologists (and lichenologists), fungal herbaria and culture collections, editors of periodicals that publish papers on fungi, officials of national and international organizations, and contact persons for amateur societies accessible by E-mail."
Users should scroll to view the contents of the site; entries are alphabetized according to last name. Each record offers: (1) name (last, first, middle initial); (2) e-mail address; and (3) business address, which features country of location. In all cases, no link is provided to the individual via the e-mail address noted in the directory.
The site is maintained by Pavel Lizon; Cornell University; Ithaca, New York.
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Scroll to view contents of site.