QK494.P66 Pinaceae

PineBib: A Conifer Bibliography

PineBib: A Conifer Bibliography is a "...bibliography containing references on conifer reproductive biology, breeding systems, and genetics. It focuses on, but is not restricted to, the Pinaceae." Accuracy of records is not guaranteed by the site's creators; users are urged to contact the National Agricultural Library of the USDA with questions, corrections, or site additions.
When browsing the site, users will find records alphabetized by the author's last name. Within an item's entry, the following appear: (1) author (last name, first initial); (2) publication year; (3) title (whether book or article); (4) name of publisher and location (for book); (5) journal title, volume and issue numbers, and page numbers (for article); and (6) keyword of the text for reference.
The site is sponsored by the Biotechnology Information Center; National Agricultural Library; USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
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