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QK 477.2.A6 Trees and Shrubs. Special Topics, A-Z. Annual Rings

Bibliography of Dendrochronology

The Bibliography of Dendrochronology is a resource of the Laboratory for Tree-Ring Research (LTRR), a research facility of the University of Arizona, which specializes in tree-dating courses offered within the geosciences, anthropology, and watershed management departments.
The top of the site offers a link to the site's database, formatted for forms-supported browsers. Users will find general information on the site within the main page, as well as search instructions and searching hints. Scrolling down the page, the user will encounter the "search bibliography" link, as well as the link to reach the homepage of the LTRR and the homepage of the site's creator, Henri Grissino-Mayer.
After selecting the "search bibliography" link or the top forms-supported browser link, the user will find a search page with fields for: (1) keyword entry; (2) fields in which to search (10 options); (3) number of matches; and (4) parts of the reference to be shown in results (7 options). After making choices, the results of a search may produce a second search page, requesting narrowing of the search topic. The final results list is a compilation of author names and titles of documents. Selecting an author name then reveals the complete citation: (1) title of paper; (2) journal information (title, volume, issue, and page numbers); (3) languages used in the publication; (4) general subject area; (5) keywords; (6) names of taxa; and (7) geographical locations.
The site is maintained by Dr. Henri Grissino-Mayer; Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR); the University of Arizona; Tucson, Arizona.
To Search:
Select search link from main page; fill in fields within search page. Select author name to view complete citation.