Evolution of Plants (General)

(QK: 980-989)

QK 981 Genetics. General Works

Plant Gene Register

The Plant Gene Register is a "...medium through which to publish information about plant genes," a service of the American Society of Plant Physiologists (ASPP), an organization "...founded...to promote the development of plant physiology, encourage and publish research in plant physiology, and to promote the interest and growth of plant science in general." This site serves as an index to the Plant Gene Register and its contents.
At the top of the site's main page are links to the homepage of the ASPP, to the creator's of the site, to the ASPP publication, Plant Physiology, and to instructions for submissions to the Electronic Plant Gene Register. Three main search methods are constructed in the main page: (1) a full text search of all the Plant Gene Register's articles; (2) searching the plant gene register listings for 1995; and (3) searching the listings for 1996. Below these three links are the present listings for the 1997 register. Users who select the first search method must submit a keyword into the provided field. A list of matching entries is then produced; users should select an individual title to view its full record.
The second and third search methods yield register records for the years 1995 and 1996, respectively. In both cases, users will find an intitial listing of entries. Articles are designated here with : (1) a Plant Gene Register code number; (2) author; (3) title; and (4) accession number. Selecting the code number of choice reveals the paper's complete record: (1) title; (2) author; (3) contact information for the author (business address, email, and fax information); (4) content of the article (in its entirety); (5) acknowledgements; and (6) bibliography. This same format is found in all papers listed in the holdings of the 1997 register.
The site is sponsored by the American Society of Plant Physiologists; Rockville, Maryland; and Paul Staswick; the University of Nebraska; Lincoln, Nebraska.
To Search:
Select search method from site's main page. Select register paper of interest from link's listings to view complete record.

QK 981.45 Genome Mapping

Plant Genome Databases

Plant Genome Databases is the site name for the Agricultural Genome Information Server (AGIS), a service of the National Agricultural Library of the USDA and its National Genetic Resources Program. The server is designed to provide "...public access to agriculturally important plant genome databases." Databases accessible through the site are not produced within the National Agricultural Library, but rather are developed elsewhere. Data within the featured databases can be accessed via browsing, ACEDB query language, Querying by example, using Query Builder, a fuzzy search (agrep), or a WAIS search method.
Upon accessing the site, users will find links to various services and information sources within the AGIS WWW site. Access points allow entry to: (1) the AGIS homepage; (2) the new additions area; (3) the help area; (4) searching the AGIS document collection; (5) how-to area; (6) resources and credits; and (7) services division. The second link offers recent additions, listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent. New additions from 1994-1996 are also available. General information on the databases, on its software, and on searching is found in the "help' area. A query page with provided fields allows users to access the AGIS document collection. Examples of site searches are found in the "how-to" area; information on access, queries, graphics, and FTP connections is found in the "services" area of the site. Scrolling past this initial links area, the user will find a link to search the AGIS database. After filling in appropriate search fields in the query page, the user should follow onscreen links to reach desired information.
The core of the site's offerings is access to various plant genome databases. Users will find that links to browsing capabilities, to querying, and to general information are available for each of the listed databases. Users should select a database of choice and follow onscreen commands to access desired records. Participating databases, accessible from this site, are: (1) AAtDB ; (2) Alfagenes (alfalfa); (3) BeanGenes; (4) ChlamyDB; (5) CoolGenes (cool season food legumes); (6) CottonDB; (7) GrainGenes (wheat, barely, rye, and relatives); (8) MaizeDB ; (9) MilletGenes (pearl millet); (10) PathoGenes (fungal pathogens of small-grain cereals); (11) RiceGenes; (12) RoseDB; (13) SolGenes; (14) SorghumDB; (15) SoyBase (soybeans); (16) TreeGenes (forest trees); and (17) Mendel (plant-wide gene names).
At the bottom of the site's main page are links to the ACEDB document library, conferences information, publication information, other plant information servers, and the AGIS homepage. The site is sponsored by the National Genetic Resources Program, the National Agricultural Library; the USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Select link of interest from site's main page. Follow onscreen commands to reach desired records.