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Dictionary of Cell Biology

"The Dictionary of Cell Biology was first published in 1989, and has since been translated into several languages. It is intended to provide quick easily-understood and cross referenced definitions of terms frequently encountered in reading the modern biology literature. This server contains the text of the Second edition, published in April 1995, together with enhancements, hypertext links and new entries which are destined for the third."
"There are [over 5400 entries and nearly 5700] cross-references in the second edition."
"Copyright 1995 Academic Press Limited Results of searches are provided as afree service to individuals for purposes of personal study only. Information gained from this server may not be saved, printed copied or re-transmitted in any form without the written consent of Academic Press."
"The Dictionary of Cell Biology(Second edition), editors J.M. Lackie and J.A.T. Dow. London, Academic Press ISBN 0-12-432562-9 (hardback), 0-12-432563-7 (paperback-UK and Europe only)."
"Julian Dow 20/7/95"
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QH 605 Cell Division. General Works

Index of Plant Chromosome Numbers

A gopher index to the reported plant chromosome numbers of "naturally occurring and cultivated plants ..."; the [index] "does not normally include chromosome counts made on experimental material or artificial hybrids."
For each species or cultivar the gametic (n) or sporophytic (2n) counts are provided along with an abbreviated reference to the data source. For each species, its plant family, distribution, and additional nomenclature information are also provided.
Gopher site and index maintained by the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis.
To Search:
Type botanical genus and species; browse entries.