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QH 506 Molecular Biology

Bio/Chemical Journals and Newsletters

Bio/Chemical Journals and Newsletters is an alphabetical directory which offers access to biochemical journals and newsletters which would be of interest to molecular biologists. The site is a division of the WWW site, "Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools: A Collection of WWW Links to Information and Services Useful to Molecular Biologists."
Present at the top of the site are seven major links. The first,"top," links the user to the directory's master WWW site, noted earlier. The second link, "Part One," provides access to a molecular biology search and analysis site, a division of "Pedro's Molecular Research Tools." Here, users view a listing of applicable WWW sites; selecting a title then links the user to that respective WWW site. "Part Two" accesses a bibliographic, text, and WWW search division of "Pedro's Molecular Reasearch Tools." Within this same site, access to the guides, tutorials, and help tools division occurs with the "Part Three" link. "All" accesses an older version of the master site; "journals" is the link for the Bio/Chemicals site. "Extras" offers a list of biological resources for viewing.
To view the listing of bio/chemical journals and newsletters, users should select a letter group of interest from the provided alphabetical index at the top of the site. Within a letter category, titles are alphabetized; each journal's title is the direct link to its WWW site. Links are also provided to journals with full articles online, to general journals, and to other lists.
The site is sponsored bu Pedro M. Coutinho; Department of Chemical Engineering; Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa.
To Search:
Select letter category from alphabetical index; select title within letter category. Each title is direct link to the WWW.

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) " an effort to computerize current knowledge of molecular and cellular biology in terms of the information pathways that consist of interacting molecules or genes and to provide links from the gene catalogs produced by genome sequencing projects."
At the top of the site's main page, the user will find general site information and links to the site's sponsors. Also in this area are seven major links. "From Sequence to Function" is an introduction to the KEGG project; users should scroll to view this document or select a topic from the index to move to its contents. "Open KEGG" produces a dual-frame screen, allowing users to select a link of interest in either window. Access is provided to: (1) pathway maps and molecular catalogs; (2) gene catalogs and genome maps; (3) additional gene catalogs; (4) online manuals; and (5) project summaries. Users should consult the site for complete listings in this area. "Search and computer pathways" produces a list of three search options: (1) search enzymes in Pathway Database; (2) generate possible pathways between two compounds; and (3) predict gene functions of a whole genome. After selecting a search method, the user should fill in the applicable query page and scroll to view search results.
"Links to other pathway databases" offers a non-alphabetical list of database links; each title is a direct link to the WWW. "How to obtain a local copy of KEGG" provides instructions for users interested in a fixed CD, updated CD, or Internet versions of the database. "IDEAS Interface to DBGET/BLAST/FASTA" provides an IDEAS (Integrated Database and Extended Analysis System) interface to various databases; users should select a link from the provided table to activate the search. "Go to GenomeNet homepage" accesses the Japanese Human Genome Program, a site sponsor.
The site is sponsored by the Japanese Human Genome Program; Institute for Chemical Research; Kyoto University; Kyoto, Japan.
To Search:
Select link of interest from site's main page; follow screen links to desired information.