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Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server

The Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server (BBCWS) is "...devoted to information of interest to systematists and other biologists of the organismic kind. Within these pages...[the user] will find information about specimens in biological collections , taxonomic authority files, directories of biologists, reports by various standards bodies (IOPI, ASC, SA2000,etc.), an archive of the Taxacom, MUSE-L and CICHLID-L listserv[er]s...access to on-line journals...and information about MUSE and Delta."
Within the site's main page are two columns for general research sources. They include: botany; herpetology; invertebrates and entomology; ichthyology; mammology; mycology and microbiology; orinthology; announcements and general news; biological societies; biologist directories; data models and standards reports; general biodiversity; geology and earth sciences; and natural history museums. For each of these subjects, upon selecting the topic of interest, the user will find a listing of WWW sites, which are in no particular order. A site's title is the link to its respective contents; the web server's creators have included, on occasion, the location of the site and some comment on the quality of its offerings.
Other resources accessible through the server include : query online Fish DB's; MUSE project information areas; ListServe Archives, such as BIO-AUTH, Taxacom, MUSE-L, Cichlid-L, and PEET-L; Delta and Intkey Information; the Biological Image Archive; import and export regulations; biodiversity journals and newsletters; US-OBI; BCIP workshop materials; and general WWW resources.
The site is maintained by Julian Humphries ; the University of Kansas, and Steve Hsieh; the University of Michigan.
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Choose topic of interest from main page listings. Title listings are direct electronic links to respective WWW pages. Select title to view contents of its respective site.