QH 212 .E4 Special Microscopes, A-Z. Electron Microscopes

Directory of Microscopists on the Net

The Directory of Microscopists on the Net is a division of the Integrated Microscopy Resource Homepage, a "...national resource funded by Biological Research Technologies Programs of the National Institutes of Health. [It] provides innovative instrumentation and skilled personnel to enable investigators to observe their specimens using powerful, new light, and electron microscopy techniques."
Upon accessing the site, a user can find site award information, as well as view a full version of the document by downloading it via an onscreen link. Instructions for downloading appear within the main page. Users interested in searching the database perform this action through the "online search" link; users interested in entering data into the site will also find a registration field under the "enter name in database" area.
To search the database, a user should select the "online search" link; a keyword search field appears, to which data is submitted. The results page offers contact information for selected microscopists, organized alphabetically by last name. A given entry features: (1) name (last, first); (2) company, institution, or university affiliation; (3) e-mail address (which is not an active link); (4) telephone number; and (5) research emphases or specialities.
At the bottom of the site are two links to the Integrated Microscopy Resource Homepage, a link to an Integrated Microscopy symposium information area, and to e-mail the site sponsor. The site is maintained by Stephan Spencer; Integrated Microscopy Resource; University of Wisconsin- Madison.
To Search:
Select search link from main page; submit data to search field. Scroll to view matching results.