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Plant Fossil Record

"This Version 2.2 of the Plant Fossil Record (PFR2.2) database includes descriptions and occurrences of many thousands of extinct plants. For the first time modern genera with fossil species are included in the desription database. Names, places and ages can be searched and the occurrences are instantly plotted on a global map. Patterns of migration and evolution through geological time can be clearly examined to help better understand the history of climatic and environmental change."
"The biological, geological and geographical aspects of [the Plant Fossil Record] ... data have been obtained directly from the scientific literature or from museum collections. Please understand that the records have not been checked as "correct" identifications, locations or age determinations, and are as they were published. ...[T]he user, must take responsibility to justify their reliability."
"The data was kindly provided by the following individuals: D. Mai, Berlin; J. Kvacek, Prague; E. Wheeler, North Carolina; J. Eder-Kovar, Vienna; R. Ravn, Alaska; L. Budantsev and O. Lavrenko, Saint Petersburg; L. Fotyanova, Moscow; S. Brown and H. Fisher, London."
The Plant Fossil Record is copyrighted and maintained by the International Organisation of Palaeobotany (IOP), based in the United Kingdom.
To Search:
The Plant Fossil Record can be searched using three options: 1) 'Green Book' Directory, a searchable listing of valid fossil plant names that provides a concise profile of fossil species, including systematic data and bibliographic information, 2) a 'Descriptions' subset containing descriptive details of more than 10,000 type specimans, and/or by 3) 'Occurences', the main search feature that allows a search of geographic occurence by specified genera and/or species.