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Mineral Gallery

"The Mineral Gallery is an electronic index into a mineralogical database. It provides multiple cross linked indexes into the set of common minerals, plus it provides a full text search index which aids in mineral identification."
"Minerals are cataloged in several ways:
"The Minerals_By_Class section provides additional descriptions of the mineralogical rationale of the class breakdown, and also leads into further descriptions of many related groups of minerals ..."
"Individual mineral pages contain one or more images of representative specimens (usually showing the most notable crystal forms), plus a description of the mineral, common and notable occurances, and the usual mineral characteristics."
"This is a service of Amethyst Galleries, Inc. ... Doris Covey, President. Mineral descriptions by David H. Sanborn, geologist and rock hound. Most specimen descriptions by Jeffrey Albert, an amateur mineralogist, word freak, and rock hound ; photography by Stephen D. Covey, Webmaster and rock hound."
"Copyright 1995 by Amethyst Galleries, Inc.. Unless otherwise noted, all descriptions, images, and programs are the property of Amethyst Galleries, Inc., and may not be copied for commercial purposes. Permission to copy descriptions and images is granted for personal and educational use only. All such copies must include this copyright notice and explicit references to this URL ([http://mineral.galleries.com]).
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