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Online Resources for Earth Scientists (ORES)

Online Resources for Earth Scientists (ORES) is a directory of WWW resources in the area of earth science, designed to meet the needs of professionals in this area. At the top of the site's main page are links for: (1) the Commonwealth Network; (2) the site creators' home pages; (3) GISnet; (4) geoscience/civil engineering job information; and (5) Mountains West, a site sponsor. Currently, the first link is non-operational; the GISnet link provides access to other sites designed by Bill Thoen, one of this site's creators.
The site's main page offers a table of contents, with topics reflecting dates of completion or ongoing construction. Major topics featured are: (1) General Earth Science/Natural History resources; (2) Agriculture; (3) Biology (Plant and Wildlife); (4) Disaster and Emergency Management; (5) Employment Resources for Earth Scientists; (6) Environmental Resources; (7) Geography and GIS resources; (8) Geology Resources; (9) Geoscience Education; (10) Geoscience Information; (11) Oceanography; (12) Weather, Meteorology, and Climate; and (13) Soil Science.
Selecting a topic from the table of contents then reveals its topics page, which offers links for: (1) introductory information; (2) mailing lists; (3) newsgroups; (4) hypermedia sources; (5) data sets; (6) software; (7) documents and FAQ files; (8) journals and periodicals; (9) bulletin board systems; and (10) other resource lists. Each topic reveals an alphabetical listing of WWW resources, where titles are direct links to their respective sites.
At the bottom of the site's main page are links to the ORES master index and a new links area. The site is maintained by Bill Thoen and Ted Smith; Mountains West Consulting.
To Search:
Select topic from main contents; select topic of interest from displayed page. Titles of WWW sites are direct access to the WWW.