Communication of Chemical Information


QD 8.5 Chemical Literature. General Works, Treatises, and Textbooks

Index to Chemical Education Resources

Index to Chemical Education Resources is a directory of chemistry textbooks, a service of the Journal of Chemical Education. Within the site, books are listed in chronological order, from newest to oldest. Within each publishing year, listings of publications are alphabetized by the first author noted in the book.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find textbooks grouped into the following categories: (1) analytical chemistry; (2) biochemistry; (3) textbooks on the literature of chemistry; (4) computers in chemistry; (5) crystallography; (6) electrochemistry; (7) environmental chemistry; (8) high school chemistry; (9) history of chemistry; (10) inorganic chemistry; (11) introductory chemistry; (12) medicinal chemistry; (13) nuclear and radiation chemistry; (14) organic chemistry; (15) physical chemistry; (16) polymer chemistry; (17) references for chemistry teachers; (18) teaching chemistry; and (19) writing in science. Users should scroll to view all of the site's subject categories. Selecting a book title or topic link from the listings begins the searching process; to view a publication's complete record, users should select its title from the listings.
A complete record for a textbook includes the following items: (1) author(s); (2) title; (3) edition number; (4) publisher information (name and location); (5) year of publication; (6) number of pages; (7) ISBN; and (8) list price. If a review was located of the textbook, a reference to the review is cited within the provided record.
The site is sponsored by JCE Online (Journal of Chemical Education) and Chemical Education, Incorporated; Madison, Wisconsin.
To Search:
Scroll through topic listings; select topic of interest or textbook title. Titles provide access to complete records.

QD 9 Communication of Chemical Information. Abstracting and Indexing.

Chemical Patents Plus(sm)

Chemical Patents Plus (sm) "...offers the full text for all patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office from 1975 to the present, including partial coverage from 1971-1974. Complete patent page images are available for patents issued from January 1, 1994."
Within the site's main page, users have five major links, accessible via the main page image or text list. "About this service" offers details on site coverage, content, prices for copies of patent information, and data for database user registration. "Account set-up" details the obligations of site users (copyright restrictions, etc.) and user conditions. After completely reading the enclosed document, a user can fill out the registration form and then access the database. "Find a patent" is the log-in area for the database; users must submit their ID and password information here. In all cases, access to the database is restricted solely to registered site users.
"Free demo" offers a sample search of the database, allowing users to preview data within the site. "3-D Structure" offers a viewing of a 3-D model (of patent hardware) for those with capable software. To search the database, a user must first register and then log-in with the chosen password; a user should then select from various search fields to begin the search. Results of a query are a list of patent titles; selecting a title then accesses its complete entry (patent abstract): (1) patent number and date; (2) title; (3) inventor(s) and location of inventor(s); (4) assignee; (5) application number; (6) date field; (7) Int. Class; (8) Issue U.S. Class; (9) field of search; (10) patent documents information (number, date, class, inventor); (11) other publications (author and citation data); (12) art unit number; (13) primary examiner; (14) attorney name; (15) number of claims; (16) number of drawing figures; (17) abstract; and (18) CAS Registry number. In all cases, the CAS Registry number reveals the following: (1) index name; (2) molecular formula; and (3) instructions to view 3-D model.
At the bottom of the site's main page is a link to the CAS homepage. The site is sponsored by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS); Columbus, Ohio.
To Search:
Register with site and log-in; fill out query page. Scroll to view matching results.