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Chemical Physics Preprint Database

The Chemical Physics Preprint Database, sponsored by the Brown University Department of Chemistry and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is a "...fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for the international theoretical chemistry community." The database is designed to provide "...rapid and efficient preprint distribution..." to this community.
Within the site's main page are major links, each of which offers several subtopics. Users should refer to the site for complete listings of topics; noted here are major links of interest: "Introduction and Background"; "General Help"; "Preprint Access"; and "Other Links." "General Help" offers information on subscriptions, submitting articles, and FAQ's on the site. "Preprint Access" offers links to new, current month's, and 1994-1996 preprints, as well as an index to titles and authors. "Other Links" offers an e-print archives and a link to the Brown University Chemistry Department.
To access the database, users should choose a preprint group from the "Preprint Access" area within the main links area. "New" offers the newest preprint listings within the site; the current month's offerings are found in the "current month" link. Within the "1994-1996" group, users need only select a year, and then a month, to view listings of preprints. The index of titles and authors offers choices in archive type and year of publication. Also provided are a keyword field and search criteria options.
Within a category's listings, entries of preprints are noted with: a database code number, links for textual versions (abs,src,ps,other); title; author(s); comments area; and subject class. Further information on the author is found via the author's name; each of the textual version abbreviations offers access to a version of the text. "Abs" offers an abstract of the text; "src" offers the e-print version. "Ps" accesses the postscript version; and "other" details configuring browsers to view the various reports. Both the e-print and postscript versions require specific software for viewing; users should consult the site for information.
To Search:
Select link from "preprint access" area within site's main page; then select textual version abbreviation to view e-print, postscript, or abstract.