QC 454.A8 Atomic Spectroscopy

References for Critically Evaluated NIST Data and Selected Data from Other Research Groups on Atomic Energy Levels, Transition Probabilities, and Wavelengths

References for Critically Evaluated NIST Data and Selected Data from Other Research Groups on Atomic Energy Levels, Transition Probabilities, and Wavelengths is a directory to results of the NIST Atomic Spectroscopic Database, which "...provides access and search capability for critically evaluated data on atomic energy levels, wavelengths, and transition properties that are reasonably up-to-date." At the top of the site's main page are links to divisions of the site: (1) references on energy levels; (2) references on transition probabilities; and (3) references on wavelengths. For each site division, subjects are considered in terms of their atomic numbers; a list of provided elements details those considered within the division's references. Users can select an element from the provided listing to view its applicable references.
For each of the selected elements, the resulting references are displayed in a list form. Each entry within the list contains: (1) the title of the article or paper; (2) the author's name (initials, last name); (3) title of journal; (4) volume, issue, and page numbers of the text; (5) year of publication; and (6) a link to view references to the original literature. Upon selecting this link, the user will view complete references for the element. This entry format is identical for all of the site's divisions.
The site is sponsored by the Atomic Energy Levels Data Center; Physics Laboratory; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Boulder, Colorado.
To Search:
Select site area of interest from main page's top links. Then select element of interest from listings to view applicable references. Within matching list, links to view complete reference listings open to reveal further information.

QC 954.M3 Mass Spectroscopy

Mass Spectrometry Companies

Mass Spectrometry Companies is a division of the WWW site, "Mass Spectroscopy on the Internet." This site, as well as its homepage, are devoted to information concerning the using of instruments (spectrographs) to analyze ionized particles by passing them through electric and magnetic fields. This site offers users a list of companies specializing in mass spectrometry.
At the top of the site are links to other portions of the "Mass Spectroscopy on the Internet" WWW site. "Home" accesses the site's homepage; "search" opens the MS search page, which offers various search links. "InfoBot" accesses the MASS-SPEC Electronic MailServer. "Groups" reveals mass spectrometry groups; users should scroll to view the site or use the alphabetical index to locate records. "Companies" is the present site; "resources" offers mass spectrometry sources on the WWW; selecting a subject group from the list then produces a list of WWW resources, in which titles are direct links to the WWW. "Software" offers field-related software, downloaded via provided links.
Within the site's main page is an alphabetical list of mass spectrometry companies; users should scroll to view listings. Each company is noted with its name and products or specialities. Each company name provides a direct link to the company's WWW site. At the bottom of the site's main page are the top links (repeated for convenience), as well as link to e-mail the site's creator.
The site is maintained by Kermit K. Murray; Emory University; Atlanta. Georgia.
To Search:
Scroll to view listings; titles of companies are direct access to company WWW sites.