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High-Tc Update

High-Tc Update is the newsletter of the High-Tc Superconductivity Information Center, a publication created to "...communicate frequent...breakthroughs in high-Tc superconductivity." The magazine is sent to over 2500 researchers worldwide and provides "...rapid, reliable access to international superconductivity research."
Links at the top of the main page provide e-mail access to the publication's editor and science editor; general site information is also given. Below this area, users will find a directory of site links, divided into three major categories: (1) information; (2) newsletter; and (3) other links. The first category offers information on the magazine, subscription information, information on submitting preprints, and donations information, as well as the donor list. "Newsletter" allows users to search and view the current issue, back issues, use the back issue search engine, and to use the HTDIG index. Selecting the "current issue" link reveals electronic-mail information, as well as the current issue, by scrolling. "Back issues" offers viewing of 1992-1995 issues; selecting a date reveals the issue's contents. The back issue search engine is activated through a keyword submission.
"Other" links offer acces to High-Tc events, past events, and thirteen related sites. Within a given issue, the user will find: (1) extensive list of preprints; (2) preprint review section ("Nota Bene"); (3) "Technology News" section; (4) coming events; (5) resources; (6) relevant news items; (7) RFP's; and (8) job ads. At the bottom of the site's main page are links to e-mail the site's sponsor, to receive site statistics, and to access the IITAP homepage. The site is maintained by the International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (IITAP); Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa.
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