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The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System is an "...overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system."
Users will encounter general site information at the top of the main page; scrolling below this area, users will find the site's table of contents. Here, users will find not only all of the planets, along with their moons and satellites, but also other astronomical topics. Users should consult the site for complete listings of topics. Listed here are major subjects; within parentheses are the number of subtopics offered for viewing: (1) Introduction; (2) What's New; (3) Express Tour; (4) Overview of Solar System; (4) The Sun; (5) Mercury; (6) Venus; (7) The Earth (1); (8) Mars (2); (9) Jupiter (16); (10) Saturn (19); (11) Uranus (15); (12) Neptune (8); (13) Pluto (1); (14) Small Bodies (9); (15) Other Solar Systems; (16) Spacecraft; (17) Glossary; and (18) Appendices.
Selecting a planet from the table of contents reveals its section within the site. Users will find: (1) image of planet (color); (2) description (general); (3) orbit data; (4) diameter; (5) mass (in kg); (6) significance and origin of name; (7) discovery information; (8) telescope images and spacecraft visting history; (9) satellite description and information; (10) radius information; (11) sum of masses with moons or satellites; (12) origin of contrast information; (13) history of classification; (14) orbit information; (15) resonance information; (16) surface temperature and equator; (17) compostion information; (18) atmosphere description; (19) nature of orbit; and (20) information on locating planet via telescope. Scrolling past this portion of the entry, the user will find a detailed information page on each of the planet's moons or satellites. At the closing of the satellite information, links to other WWW sites on the planet are given, as well as links to planet images and general astronomy issue sites.
The site is sponsored and maintained by Bill Arnett; San Jose, California.
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