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Select Data from Kelly Atomic Data

Select Data from Kelly Atomic Data is a site that "...permits selective searches of some atomic data compiled by R.L. Kelly. The data provided are: (1) vacuum wavelength [in nm]; (2) intensity estimate; (3) E[in cm] [to the negative one power], j, and configuration for lower and upper levels; (4) multiplet (where available); and (5) reference numbers of the sources of the data." The site is an information source of atomic and ionic UV/VUV linelist and is a division of the WWW site, "Databases of Atomic and Molecular Data for Astronomy," sponsored by the CfA Atomic and Molecular Physics division of Harvard University.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find general site information and a link to reference numbers. Here, users will find an alphabetical reference list compiled by Professor Raymond L. Kelly of the Naval Postgraduate School. Scrolling to view entries, the user will note that each entry is composed of the author(s)' name, journal title, volume and issue numbers, page numbers, and publication year. Within the site's main page are two possible search methods. The first, a vacuum wavelength search, offers two search fields and instructions. The second, an atomic number charge range search, offers search instructions and two search fields.
To activate a search, a user should fill in appropriate search fields within the main page. The results offered for both search methods are identical; users will find a results page, with data presented in columns, noted as: (1) VAC_WL (nm); (2) Inten; (3) Z. Charge; (4) E_low [cm-1]; (5) j_l; (6) E_up [cm-1]; (7) j_u; (8) Mult; (9) REF1; (10) REFu; (11) Config_l; and (12) Config_u.
At the bottom of the site's main page is a link to the database homepage and to e-mail the site's creators. The site is sponsored by the CfA Atomic and Molecular Physics Division; Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts.
To Search:
Fill in appropriate search fields within main page; scroll to view table of results.