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Select Data from Kurucz Atomic Data Files

Select Data from Kurucz Atomic Data Files is a site which "...permits selective searches of some atomic data files compiled by R.L. Kurucz (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics). The data provided are: (1) vacuum wavelength (in nm) [above 200 nm calculated using Elden, Metrologia, Vol2, No.2, 1966]; (2) air wavelength (in nm) above 200 nm; (3) log (gf); (4) E [in cm] [to the negative one power], j, parity, and configuration for the levels (lower, upper); and (5) information regarding sources of data." The site is an atomic linelist and is part of the "Databases for Atomic and Molecular Data for Astronomy," sponsored by the CfA Atomic and Molecular Physics division of Harvard University.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find general site information and a link to information sources for data. Users will be referred to a new URL location for the source data, and when accessing the new WWW location, a user can select from three notes categories. Scrolling then reveals the notes in question. Also within the main page is a file choice area. Here, users must select from five file types: (1) gf Fe (lab); (2) Fe Group; (3) H to Ca; (4) Z>Ni; and (5) Semiempirical Fe Group. A link is also found in this area to file information. Present below are also two search fields for a vacuum wavelength search and for an atomic ion search field, also noted with two search fields.
To activate a database search, the user should select a file type and fill in applicable search fields for a vacuum wavelength search or an atomic ion search. In all cases, users will find a results page, with data presented in a table format. Data categories noted within tables are: (1) VAC_WL; (2) AIR_WL; (3) log (gf); (4) ATM. CHG; (5) E_l; (6) j_l; (7) P_l; (8) CONFIG_l; (9) E_u; (10) j_u; (11) P_u; (12) CONFIG_u; and (13) REF file. Users should scroll to view the contents of a table and its results page.
The site is sponsored by the CfA Atomic and Molecular Physics division; Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts.
To Search:
Select file type and fill in search fields. Scroll to view matching table of results.