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Unicode and Internationalization Glossary

The Unicode and Internationalization Glossary is an information resource of Unicode, the Unicode Worldwide Character Standard, which is a "...character coding system designed to support the interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of diverse languages of the modern world, including the classical and historical texts of many written languages."
Within the site's main page are two major links: (1) table of contents; and (2) glossary. The first link opens the glossary's table of contents, displaying an alphabetically grouped listing of glossary terms. Selecting a term from a letter category then displays the word's entry within its glossary page. The second major link displays the entire contents of the glossary, a full-text version of the site. Users should scroll to view contents; each term features a one to six sentence definition.
The site is sponsored by Stonehand, Incorporated, and by the Spyglass Cambridge Research Center; Cambridge, Massachusetts.
To Search:
Select "contents" link; then select term from letter category. Or select "glossary" link and scroll to view full-text of site.