Mathematics (General)

(QA: 1 - 8)

QA 1 Periodicals, Societies, Congresses, Serial Collections, Yearbooks

AMS Preprint Server (AMSPPS)

The AMS Preprint Server (AMSPS) is a service of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), which was created to "...further mathematical research and scholarship....It has approximately 30,000 members, including mathematicians throughout the United States and around the world." The mission of AMS is to "...promote mathematical research, increase the awareness of its value to society, and foster excellence in math education..." and to serve as a major math publisher.
At the top of the site are three major links: (1) recent preprints (last 100); (2) browse preprints; and (3) search preprints. The first link produces a listing of the last added 100 preprints, in no particular order. Scrolling to view the listings, users will find the following in entries: (1) author(s); (2) title; (3) preprint code number; and (4) a link to view an abstract of the text. "Browse preprints" lists preprints based on the Mathematics Subject Classification; each category is noted with a description and code number. Selecting a category then produces an index of its presective holdings; users can view all of the category's listings, as well as a chronological listing of preprints. Selecting the "index" link allows the user to view all of the category's holdings; selecting a date allows viewing of one preprint's entry. "Search preprints" produces a query page with a keyword field, as well as searching instructions.
Within the site's main page are three preprint submission links; the first, "interactive form" is solely for abstracts and URL submissions. E-mail submissions are activated under the "template link"; "instructions" provides details on e-mail and FTP submissions. To receive an e-mail, notifying the user of recent preprint postings, a users should select the "preprint mailing list form" link. Information on copyrights and legal matters can also be found in this area, via a link. At the bottom of the site's main page are links to the AMS publications division and the AMS homepage.
The site is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS); Providence, Rhode Island.
To Search:
Select one of the three major links at the top of the site's main page; follow onscreen links to view preprint information. Information concerning submissions is also located within the main page area.


[MathSearch is a search interface] to a collection of over 80,000 documents on mathematics and statistics servers across the Web.
"For each document that is matched, the following is reported:
  • how many sentences in the document contain each phrase
  • the document title if it exists (otherwise the URL is given)
  • the WWW server containing the document ...
  • the number of sentences in the document
  • the total number of stems ... in the document
"Most of the material [accessible from MathSearch] is concerned with research-level and university mathematics."
MathSearch service maintained by Dr. Jim Richardson, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney, Australia.
To Search:
Enter phrase (or word) in one (or more) Phrase fields ; browse entries.

QA 5 Mathematics. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Online Mathematics Dictionary

Online Mathematics Dictionary is an electronic publication of MathPro Press, which "...specializes in the publication of compendiums and indexes of mathematics problems."
At the top of the site, the user will find links to e-mail the site creator and to an online glossary of technical notation. Below these links is an alphabetical index, allowing for quick movement within the site. A user can select a letter category to move directly to that group's listings within the site; entries are displayed within the page where they appear. Likewise, a user can scroll through the site to view contents.
The bottom of the site's main page offers links to the Electronics Publications division of MathPro Press, as well as the homepage of MathPro Press. The site is maintained by MathPro Press; Westford, Massachusetts.
To Search:
Select letter category from index; scroll to view entries. Or scroll through site contents.

QA 28 Biography. Collective

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

"The archive contains the biographies of more than 1000 mathematicians. About 200 of these biographies are fairly detailed and most are accompanied by pictures of the mathematicians themselves."
"Each page of shorter biographies starts with a list of those appearing on it. About 300 of the shorter biographies are accompanied by pictures. The pages of shorter biographies also contain links to all the mathematicians with long biographies and so can act as an Index to the whole collection."
The archive contains a number of special features including a Chronology showing the overlapping lives of the mathematicians who have long biographies in the archive, a Mathematician of the Day Page, which contains details of a mathematician who was born or died on the current date, as well a Anniversaries for the year containing details for all dates. A Birthplace Map is also accessible.
The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive is maintained by John J. O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences.
To Search:
One "can access the long biographies by either an Alphabetical Index or a Chronological Index.""... [O]ther shorter biographies are grouped together by the initial letter or letters of the mathematician's names and can be accessed by the Short Biographies Index. There is also a 'Simple Search Form' and 'Search Suggestions' assistance.

WHO's On-line: Mathematican

This is a selected 'HYPERbiographical' database of mathematicians on the Internet who have a homepage that includes their curriculum vitae (or equivalent) with links to their publications in any number of e-formats. Submission instructions are outlined for those interested in contributing to the database.
"This section [of the third edition] of WHO's On-line is maintained at the Pennsylvania State University Department of Mathematics."
To Search:
Select from A-Z matrix, browse full listing, or perform a free-text search, using names, URLs, professions, email addresses, or keywords.