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Artificial Intelligence Companies

Artificial Intelligence Companies is an artificial intelligence (AI) information resource of the Institute of Information Technology (IIT), " of the National Research Council's 17 research institutes. Its mission is to assist industry across Canada to improve competitiveness through excellence in information technology by supporting and undertaking focused, industry-oriented research in software and systems...."
Users will find general site information at the top of the site's main page, as well as links to e-mail the site's creator and to the AI resource page. The site itself is an alphabetical list of artificial intelligence companies; users should scroll to view site contents. Each entry offers: (1) company name; and (2) description of research, production, and service areas. Each company name serves as a direct link to its WWW homepage.
At the bottom of site listings are links to the IIT homepage, the NRC homepage, a search engine, and to the site creator (webmaster). The site is sponsored by the Institute for Information Technology (IIT), a division of the National Research Council (NRC); Montreal, Canada.
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Artificial Intelligence Societies and Organizations Directory

Artificial Intelligence Societies and Organizations Directory is an information resource of SIGART, a special interest group for artificial intelligence within the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGART is "...dedicated to the study of intelligence and its realization in computer systems."
At the top of the site are access points for the directory's sponsors: ACM SIGART, IJCAI, and CSCSI. Users can also e-mail the site's creator in this area. The site itself is viewed by scrolling and is divided into three sections: (1) international societies and organizations; (2) national societies and organizations; and (3) area societies and organizations. Within a given section, entries are not alphabetized. Each organization or society is featured with its name and acronym; in turn, each acronym is a direct link to its organization or society's WWW site.
The site is maintained by Amruth Kumar; SIGART; ACM; New York, New York.
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Scroll to view site contents; acronyms are direct links to their respective organization's WWW sites.