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HV 575 Red Cross. Red Crescent. United States

ARC Chapter Locator

ARC Chapter Locator is an information resource of the American Red Cross WWW site. Here, users can find contact information for chapters within their county or local area.
The site's main page features a keyword search field with search instructions. Users should submit a zip code of interest into the search field; results will be a page of local Red Cross Chpater information for the city of note or for the county, if no city chapter is available. Data offered here include: (1) chapter business address; and (2) chapter phone and fax information. No direct WWW link is provided to a chapter WWW page. At the bottom of each information page are the division links for the Red Cross WWW site: (1) home; (2) search; (3) feedback; (4) services; (5) museum; (6) want to help; (7) donations; (8) local information; (9) bulletin board; (10) calendar; and (11) news.
At the bottom of the site's main page are a link to a list of other Red Cross Units with WWW locations, a link to e-mail site creators, and the eleven major Red Cross WWW links. The site is sponsored by the American Red Cross; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Submit zip code to search field; scroll to view matching results page.

HV 696.F6 Food Relief


HungerWeb is a directory to WWW sites devoted " help prevent and eradicate hunger by facilitating the free exchange of ideas and information regarding the causes of, and solutions to, hunger." It contains "...primary well as links to other sites where information of relevance to hunger can be found." The site's primary sponsor and information provider is the World Hunger Program (WHP) at Brown University, which "...combines research, education, and recognition to address long-term problems of hunger....[It] has the long-term prevention of hunger as its primary goal." HungerWeb is organized along four categories, responding to four particular types of users: researchers, advocates, educators, and field workers.
Once users access the site, the main page displays links to the site's divisions, as well as related sources. A link to the World Hunger Program (WHP) homepage appears at the top; further down are links to the site's index and its introduction. Within the index, users will find an alphabetical listing of all the WWW sites featured in the directory. Selecting a title then moves the user directly to that WWW site; all titles are links to their respective locations in the WWW. The site's introduction link reveals several documents and sources for study, among them: (1) The State of World Hunger, by Peter Uvin (the site's creator); (2) basic definitions to concepts related to hunger; (3) myths about hunger; (4) facts about poverty; (5) individual efforts to eradicate hunger (what users can do to help); (6) the Nobel Manifesto About Hunger; (7) the Medford Declaration for Overcoming Hunger in America; and (8) the Salaya Statement on Ending Hunger (Thailand).
At the center of the site's main page are the four major organization sections of the site, each tied to a particular kind of user: (1) research division -- features WWW sites from institutions, research results, bibliographies, and major hunger related data sources; (2) advocacy and policy division -- features WWW sites on advocacy organizations and materials, upcoming legislation, and fund raising; (3) education and training division -- features WWW sites on training materials for education in grade and high schools, university teaching and professional training; and (4) field work division -- features WWW sites for agencies, situation updates, and reference materials for people engaged in hunger prevention and mitigation. For each of the four divisions, the site's creator notes those WWW links which would be of most importance and benefit to that particular kind of user. The listing of WWW sites follows these recommendations; sites are not in alphabetical order, so users must browse through entries to find desired records. Each WWW site's entry contains the site's name and a brief description of its contents and scope. In all cases, titles of WWW sites are links to their respective sources.
Related hunger sources and links to their respective WWW sites are provided at the bottom of the site's main page. The site, and its contents, are maintained by Peter Uvin of the Alan Shawn Feinstein World Hunger Program (WHP) at Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island.
To Search:
Select one of four site areas within main page. Then browse through listings and select records of interest. All titles are links to their respective sources on the WWW.