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Justforkicks: The A-Z of Microcredit Programmes from Around the World

Justforkicks: The A-Z of Microcredit Programmes from Around the World is a division of the Informal Credit Homepage (ICM), "...a repository of information on alternative non-conventional financial systems and the informal credit markets (ICM)." The ICM Homepage also contains details on "microcredit approaches, community mobilization, and enviro-economic development." The Justforkicks site consists of a main page that is split, according to function. The upper portion serves an alphabetical index, accessible in a table format. The lower portion of the main page reflects the holdings within chosen categories.
Users begin the search process by selecting a letter category from the alphabetical index. Each letter, in turn, opens its corresponding group of microcredit program listings. The resulting records are alphabetized and each one reflects :(1) the name of the institution, foundation, or association; (2) the location of the title group (nation of residency); (3) a description of the lending body and its practices; and (4) contact information, including a business address, as well as phone and fax numbers. Users will note that record information will vary, according to data supplied by the organization in question. Following the last entry for a given letter category, the user will find an area for submitting new data to the site.
The site is maintained by Hari Srinivas, Department of Social Engineering; The Tokyo Institute of Technology; in association within the Informal Credit Hompage.
To Search:
Select letter category from upper portion of site page. Matching records will be displayed; browse through results.