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HD 2341 Small and Medium Industry, Artisans, Handicrafts, Trades. General Works

ENTERWeb - The Enterprise Development Website: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development in Developed and Developing Countries

ENTERWeb -- The Enterprise Development Website: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development in Developed and Developing Countries is a WWW site "...focusing on micro, small, and medium scale enterprises, cooperatives, community economic development, both in developed and developing countries. The primary objective of ENTERWeb is to provide [information] to enterprise development practitioners, policy makers, academics, and small business owners..[in the form of] an annotated list of Internet resources giving substantive information on enterprise development topics...." The site "...aims to provide business related information and links on a country by country basis, mostly for developing countries and emerging markets."
After accessing the site, the user will find a section of introductory information on the site and its holdings. Here, a French translation is available, as are links to the site's topics listing and regional links, in the form of globe images. Users will note that some images and topics within the site are not active links; such is the case among the globe images in this area. Upon choosing an active globe icon, the user will then view a list of countries within that geographic area. Selecting an active title from this sublist, in turn, reveals a compilation of WWW sites, which are not in alphabetical order. Users must browse through an individual country's listings to find links of interest; records for a WWW site include its title, a description of its contents and scope, and a ranking judgment (by the authors of the site), based on its quality.
Browsing past the introductory area in the site's main page, the user will find the list of site topics: entrepreneurship; technology; marketing and trade; community economic development; bibliography and documents; finance; education and training; networking and business links; credit unions and cooperatives; conferences and semiars; micro credit; business centers and advisory services; policy; women and enterprises; discussion groups; management; incubators; research; economics and data; and donor activities. Selecting a topic reveals its WWW site list; entries here are in no particular order. A WWW site's record includes its title, a description of its contents and scope, and a quality ranking.
The site was created and is maintained by Jean-Claude Lorin; ENTERWeb, a division of Synapse BBS; Washington, D.C.
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HD 3755 Consumer Credit. Personal Loans

Bibliography on Women and Credit

The Bibliography on Women and Credit is a division of the Improving Women's Access to Credit WWW site. Both locations reflect a focus upon community development programs for women in business within underdeveloped nations. Topics of bibliographic texts reflect: financial services; case studies; support of business women; banking systems for women; gender research; and development funds. The site's creator states that the international listings are incomplete and are continually under development.
Records within the bibliography are alphabetically arranged according to the authors' last names. Individual entries show: the author's name (last, first); year of work publication; title of work; source of text; volume and issue numbers; publisher information (name and location); as well as pages noted within the text. Links at the bottom of the main page provide access to the Improving Women's Access to Credit WWW site and to ICM, the Informal Credit Markets WWW site.
The site is maintained by Hari Srinivas; Department of Social Engineering, the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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HD 6073.A29 Special Industries or Trades, A-Z. Agricultural Laborers

Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture, a member of the "Quick Bibliography Series of the National Agricultural Library," is intended "for current awareness, and as the title of the series implies..." is "not [an] indepth exhaustive" bibliography system of any subject. Citations are resources for recent research and bring the "literature of agriculture to the interested user...." Bibliographies are "derived from computerized on-line searches of the AGRICOLA data base. Timeliness of topic and evidence of extensive interest are the selection criteria." The site's creator "determines the purpose,length, and search strategy of the Quick Bibliography. Information regarding these is available upon request from the author/searcher."
Entries within the site include journal articles, books, and audiovisual materials. Specifications are given as to information provided within entries, to aid in searching. Instructions are also provided for requesting copies of bibliographies featured in the series.
The site is maintained by Jane Gates with the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center; the USDA National Agricultural Library; Beltsville, Maryland.
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