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HC 59.8 Technical Assistance. Economic Assistance. Periodicals, Societies, Serials

Development Brief

Development Brief is a serial publications issued by the World Bank " inform the media, business, academic, and government policy communities about development analyses and results from the Bank's research activities." The goal is the World Bank is to "...reduce poverty and improve living standards by promoting sustainble growth and investments in people. The Bank provides loans, technical assistance and policy guidance to help its developing-country members achieve this objective." A division of the Development Economics portion of the WWW site of the World Bank, the publications were drawn from the work of World Bank researchers and were discontinued in December, 1995.
At the top of the site's main page, users can access the World Bank WWW site via the top image. Below this area is a search link, which operates a full-text search. Selecting the link displays a query page with a search field. Links are present for query information, for data on the searching software, and for an older version of the site. Within the site's main page is a listing of past issues of the publication, each noted with its issue title, number, and release date. Users should scroll to view issue holdings; selecting an issue number reveals its table of contents. Scrolling then allows the user to view the publication.
At the bottom of the site's main page are links to general information on the publication, as well as to the World Bank homepage. The site is sponsored by the World Bank; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select issue of interest from publication holdings to view contents. Or select search engine and fill in search field; resulting matches will be article titles. Select title to view text.

DevelopNet News

DevelopNet News is a monthly electronic newsletter, published by the Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA), which "..specializes in information dissemination and communications technology. It offers services to sustainable agriculture, food processing, renewable energy applications, water sanitation and supply, small enterprise development, and information management." This site serves as the homepage for the newsletter.
Within the site's main page are instructions for those interested in e-mail subscriptions and a link to view recent issues of the newsletter. When this link is activated, the user will view a Gopher index of past issues, chronologically ordered, starting with the most recent edition. Presently, copies date from 1996-1997. Once a title is selected, the contents of that issue are displayed. Users must scroll to browse and read the contents. Information on VITA and its services are provided at the closing of each newsletter edition.
The newsletter and its site are maintained by the Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA); Arlington, Virginia.
To Search:
Access link to view past issues. Within Gopher index, select issue of interest to view contents. Scroll through articles.

EcoNews Africa

EcoNews Africa is an "..NGO initiative that analyses global environment and development isses from an African perspective and reports on local, national, and regional activities that contribute to global solutions." This site serves as the homepage for the newsletter and its connecting links to related organizations.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find, within the heading of the main page, access points to related information sources on the WWW: the APC electronic conference site; WomensNet; Habit II; Voices from Ngorongoro; and RIOD--the International NGO Network on Desertification and Drought. Likewise, links appear for the APC (Association of Progressive Communication) and its web center, both of whom are WWW service providers for the site. Contact information for the publication is mentioned, and below this area, the listing of newsletters begins, listed chronologically, starting with the most recent issue.
Newsletter listings date from 1994 to 1996. After selecting an issue of interest, the contents will be revealed. Users must browse through the articles and will find an announcements area and notices of conferences at the closing of the issue.
The newsletter and its site are sponsored by EcoNews Afric; Nairobi, Kenya; an organization sponsored by the African Water Network (AWN), Climate Network Africa (CNA), the Environment Liaison Center International (ELCI), and the International Outreach Program of KENGO.
To Search:
Access to related WWW sites through links on main page. Access to newsletter issues through list at bottom of main page. Title(s) of issues are access points to contents.

Journals, Magazines and Newsletters Currently Received by the IISD Information Centre

Journals, Magazines and Newsletters Currently Received by the IISD Information Centre is a division of the IISDNet WWW site, sponsored by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). This organization promotes development that "...improves economic efficiency, protects and restores ecological systems, and enhances the well being of the people." IISD creates networks for putting sustainable development into practice by working with business, governments, committees, and individuals both in Canada and worldwide. This site serves as a comprehensive listing of all publications available within the organization's information center.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find alphabetized titles within their corresponding letter categories. For each noted title, the user will find the publication's name and the name of the text's sponsor or a clarification of the text's title. To view contents of the site, users must browse through listings. No title within the site is a direct link to a publication or any other area of the IISD WWW site.
To obtain more details on the IISD Information Center, users can access this area by selecting the site's colorized heading. The screen will then display the contents of the center's offerings, which are: latest site additions, hot topics, a weekly journal review, search capabilities, mandate and collection links, information and research inquiries, current awareness projects, and an area for contacting IISD. Similiarly, users can access the IISDNet table of contents by selecting the "contents" link in the upper right corner of the publications listing site.
The site is maintained by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD); Winnipeg, Manitoba; Canada.
To Search:
Browse through site listings. To reach Information Center contents, access "contents" link in upper right corner of site.

HC 60 Technical Assistance. Economic Assistance. General Works

Development-related Information on the Internet: A Manual for Initial Orientation and Searching Strategy

Development-related Information on the Internet: A Manual for Initial Orientation and Searching Strategy is a publication of CIRAN, the Center for International Research and Advisory Networks. The authors of this work seek to present a method for acquiring desired information that is development-related because it is a multi-disciplinary field, and information is widely available from many sources and methods. Resources within the manual have been divided into two groups -- those dealing with development issues and those dealing with particular regions.
Users will find that the site is an adapted, English version of the origiunal German publication. A table of contents provides the topic listings: (1) inotroduction; (2) describing and evaluating secondary srouces on the Internet; (3) access from developing countries; (4) evaluation of a number of search engines; (5) comparison of three web search engines; (6) searching strategies; and (7) a sources section. The puirpose of the manual, its scope and intent are found under the first heading. Facotrs in evaluating WWW sources and problems with WWW access in developing nations is also dcoumented in the text. Extensive evaluations of three search engnines and of possible search methods are valuable portions of the manual. Final sections have been organized for providing WWW sources to the reader, listed by world regions and by development issues concerns.

NGO Café

The NGO Café is a "...meeting place for NGO's to discuss, debate, and disseminate information on their work, strategies, and results." Organizations targetted by the site include: relief and welfare agencies, technical innovation organizations, public service contractors, popular development agencies, grassroots development organizations, and advocacy groups and networks.
The site features six main links: (1) NGO Pigeon Holes; (2) Kickstart an NGO; (3) Wise Words; (4) NGO Bungee Jumps; (5) NGO Flash; and (6) Looking for Partners. In all cases, users will notice that when a link is activated, an illustration for its category assumes the top of the page, as well as a description of its category. Scrolling down past the site's message area (in box) results in viewing the listed selection of WWW links. The "NGO Pigeon Holes" area offers "...[d]efinitions and other descriptions of NGO's and related organizations." Titles here are links to information within the site. "Kickstart an NGO" details "...strategies, tools, evaluations, and other resources for an NGO." The "NGO Wise Words" link reveals "...documents and other information, including those related to international conferences, summits, and other events."
"NGO Bungee Jumps" offers "...links to various NGO indices and resources on the WWW." "NGO Flash" details ", news, and press items on NGOs and related affairs." Lastly, "Looking for Partners" offers "...listings of NGOs looking for partners, consultants, and other resources for development projects." At the bottom of the site's main page is a link to the Informal Credit Homepage (ICM), the site's sponsor.
The site is maintained by Hari Srinivas; the Department of Social Engineering; Tokyo Institue of Technology.
To Search:
Select topic of interest from main listings; scroll past boxed area (of information) to view selected WWW links of interest .

NGO Sites

NGO Sites is a division of the InterAction homepage, whose sponsoring organization, the American Council for Voluntary International Action, is a "...coalition of more than 150 non-profit organizations working worldwide... [as] the U.S.'s leading advocate for humanitarian assistance to the world's poor." The site is an alphabetical listing of NGO organizations' homepages found on the WWW. Titles are direct links to their respective sponsors.
Users should browse through the site's listings; selecting a title of interest then provides access to that NGO's WWW site. At the bottom of the site's main page is a link to the WWW homepage of the InterAction organization.
The site is sponsored by the American Council for Voluntary International Action; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select title from main page listings; all titles are direct links to the WWW.

Scaling Up the Grassroots: An Annotated Bibliography

Scaling Up the Grassroots: An Annotated Bibliography is a collection of works on the subject of "scaling-up," a subject studied by Peter Uvin of the World Hunger Program of Brown University. "Scaling Up the Grassroots" is the title of an ongoing research program of the World Hunger Program and its applicable texts "...discuss [the] rise in...the number, the size, and the level of activity of non-governmental organizations (NGO's) in the Third World....This growth...has become recognized within the development community as 'scaling'up.' It constitutes a major potential source for social change."
Within the site, the bibliography is divided into eight subject areas: (1) general; (2) all types of scaling up; (3) functional; (4) organizational; (5) political; (6) quantitative; (7) NGO-government relations; and (8) further bibliography listings. Users must scroll to view the contents of the site; within a given site division, listings are alphabetized according to the authors' last names. A given entry within the bibliography features: (1) the author's name (last, first initial); (2) title of the work; (3) publisher information (name and location); (4) year of publication; and (5) description of text's contents.
The site is sponsored by Peter Uvin, Assistant Professor (Research); World Hunger Program; Brown University.
To Search:
Scroll through site to view contents.