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GV 1044 Bicycle Hiking, Touring, etc. General Works The Global Cycling Network

Summary: The Global Cycling Network "...provides information in three different [areas]....The Bike Groups section lists contact information and other details provided by more than 500 worldwide cycling organizations. The Links serves as a directory to global web sites organized by activity. [The] Mailing Lists, of which there are over 200, ...truly make up the heart of [the site]. These lists connect an estimated 10,000 bicycle enthusiasts, enabling them to communicate, coordinate, and otherwise discuss issues related to cycling on a local, regional, and/or global level."
The site's main page offers regional links, located on the periphery of a world map: Canada, UK, USA, South America, Africa, Israel, Europe, Asia- Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. Selecting a region name (via the map or the listing below the map) then reveals a listing of states or countries. Selecting a state or country then reveals an alphabetical listing of bicycle groups. Each group's title is the direct link to viewing its complete record: (1) contact information (e-mail, business address, fax, and phone); (2) mailing list URL; (3) list requests and archives URLs; (4) details on newsletter; (5) meetings; and (6) projects and notes area. At the bottom of the each group's record are links to the main site areas -- e-mail the creators, home, links area, searching, and bike groups area.
Users are also able to search all bicycle groups within the site, as well as international groups. In each case, users are provided an alphabetical listing of bike groups; selecting a group name then reveals its complete entry.
The site is maintained by Cyber Cyclery; Bellingham, Washington.
To Search:
Select region from map; select country or state. Then select bike group title to view complete record.