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Indigenous Peoples & Conservation Initiative (IPCN)

The Indigenous Peoples and Conservation Intitative (IPCN) is a policy instituted by the IUCN, the World Conservation Union. IPCN's two objectives are: (1) " To contribute to the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources by integrating Indigenous Peoples knowledge, perspectives, and practices into programs and strategies for sustainability undertaken by IUCN, its members and partners"; and (2) " To promote mutual understanding amongst Indigenous Peoples and other social actors in conservation and natural resource management including governments, regional, and international institutions." This site serves as the homepage for the IPCN policy and its initiative.
Users will find that the initiative's background is presented in the site. Here are details covering the policy's objectives, structure and approach, major intitiatives, coordinator, publications, and contact information. Within each subject heading, users are given specifications concerning the policy and its sponsors. At the bottom of the site's page are links to the IUCN homepage, including its information, people, places, and themes divisions.
The site is maintained by IUCN, the World Conservation Union and its Biodiversity Policy Program; Washington, D.C.
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